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   Chapter 21 Trouble Maker

Marco's Revenge (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES II) By Heitcleff Characters: 6346

Updated: 2020-01-29 09:56

Ashly's POV

"Marco here I come, " I slowly raised my sunglasses to my head and then looked at Yva who was glancing at the house of Marco and back to me. I arched my eyebrow and she just rolled her eyes.

"So what? You're here, he's there TOO FAR!" she laughed hysterically and I was waiting for her to die. I don't even know where she's siding.

"You know what? I don't know where you are. I don't even know how we've been this close. Who are you siding with? Me or him?" I snap at her cause her to flinch but remain her posture.

"His wife of course, " she answered cause me to glare at her. Yes, the main reason why I am here is because of that bitch. That whore fucking bitch.

"Don't even go there or else I might be able to put some acid on your face instead of her."

"You're a too harsh babe. I am just saying since you have asked me. By the way what your plan now? I heard that he's not even here."

"We'll wait"

"Fuck, I hate waiting"

"Then kill your self babe"

"Shit head"

I'm Ashly Lavinia Del Valle daughter of one of the richest here in Asia. And I do not accept defeat to anyone especially Mirana that fucking woman. I get what I want by hook or by crook even killing that child.

That's what I do for love. Marco is mine and only mine Mirana, I don't even give a shit if you have a child or none. I have money and power, I can kill you both no matter what it takes just to get Marco.

I know he's just waiting for me to do it, I know that he loves me too. The way he enters and pushes on me I know he loves it, I know he's crazy on me he's crazy on my body, he's crazy on my lips and he's crazy about me... ALL OF ME.

Just wait for me Marco and I will get you. I know what you want and that is me. I know that. I know she's just forcing you and I know you want to lose her and I have the key for you get out. I will kill the child for you, my sweetheart.

er seen me. Then suddenly he smirks.

'I know you'll be here, that's why I didn't lock my car', he says as he turned his head on me with his killer smile.

'Oh so why don't we start now?'

'You are that horny?'

'Fuck yes'

'I know your father'

'Fuck me'

'You better think-'

'Shut up and fuck me! I'm fucking wet!'

And without a second we started fucking each other and again and again and again.

'I'm out now', he says as he pulled his shirt down.

'Yes you are out now'

I am still holding his dick because I am not satisfied with what we do I want more. And something seemed to whisper to me again. You thought it right, I cut his dick and he screams and screams and screams and his eyes were popping out as I pulled my knife up and down to his beautiful sparkling eyes. And look I am always carrying my knife with me the precious knife that my dad bought me before he died. His dick is still on my hand and without any hesitation, I take the thigh and again I masturbate using his dick.

First love was not supposed to be like that but I love it. My first love died and his diagnosis has died after fucking tight pussy and dick got cut.

"Hey we're here, " Yva shouted that cut out my thoughts right away.

"Yes, we are here."

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