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   Chapter 17 A long year

Marco's Revenge (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES II) By Heitcleff Characters: 6779

Updated: 2020-01-25 12:58

5 years later

Layla's POV

"Hey, " I called Mirana in front of me. I know something is wrong, I feel really bad. Her face seemed to be empty. What could be the problem again? This woman doesn't run out of problems, she seems to carry the burden of the whole world.

"Hey, Mirana."

"W-why?" she said softly enough for me to hear. There are only two of us here and this woman still in mute.

"How many times do I have to call you? If I hadn't cried you would never come back to earth. Are you in trouble?" I asked as she immediately shook her head, this is what I am saying tsk.

"N-nothing, I'm just thinking of something, " she smiled that clearly couldn't reach her eyes. The sadness in her eyes was different.

"I know everything you went through Mirana. Do you ever regret what you did? When you left without saying anything? Eh if I was in your position then I would never really apologize! Despite what he has done you feel guilt? Leave me alone Mirana, leave my face alone. I asked you a few times before we left the hospital. Don't worry about that guy! That fucking asshole! It is his error to suffer that he will never see his son! Even his all blackheads go white haha, " I was preaching to her while waving my hands in the air as if throwing bad vibes.

"Marco is not what I mean. My son, I feel sorry for him. He is very curious as to whether he has a daddy. He sees it every time he plays with your son and after the afternoon comes your husband he brought a present for your child while my son was just staring and in deep thoughts, " I went silent because I also feel the pain in her words. There were tears in her eyes as she sobbed.

"Don't be like that you're getting me emotional here, do you regret it?"

"I don't know Lay, there something's telling me that this is all wrong but can you blame me? It pains me to see my son Lay, there's a part of me that even though I can give him everything but not everything he needs. I wish I can carry his loneliness of having a father, I see myself in

ry much and will be crazy just in case Marco finds us and takes him away.

"Because my Tita Layla's dog gets my toy, " he said and I take a look at Layla's dog, popcorn. He chases after Zeke's toy.

I barely laughed at my son's reaction.

"I think popcorn wants you to play wit him baby, " I said and he looks at me with delight. He ran in the direction of his toy which popcorn is sniffing.

He made a run as he approached me again.

"My when can I see my daddy?" there was a sadness in his eyes. I bow down my head not wanting to see me crying and I immediately wiped it and looked at him with a smile.

"Are you hungry?" I change his question. Immediately his shoulders dropped and his face dropped.

I put my hands on his shoulder and smiled.

"Your birthday is coming baby, " I said and a look of sadness replaced with joy in his eyes.

"I'm excited"

"And you're turning a little young man."

"I'm five, " he said and showed his hand saying that he was five years old.

"Yes, you are. So what's your wish?"

"I am not supposed to tell it to you mom you'll ruin my birthday cake and cawndle, " I almost laughed as he spoke the candle.

"Okay then. Let's just eat first and get a bath. You are a baby stink. You smell, " I said and smelled the armpit that made him laugh.

"I love you, baby."

"I wuv you too mommy."

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