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   Chapter 16 Revenge on Marco

Marco's Revenge (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES II) By Heitcleff Characters: 12505

Updated: 2020-01-25 12:17

Marco's POV

"You even brought your man right here to my house!" I couldn't help but feel so angry that my anger almost echoed throughout the house.

"Don't you know how to stick to one? Why? Are you so desperate? Ha?! You're a slut!"

When I said those words I almost wanted to undo but the anger in my chest overflowed with the sight of the man holding his hand and Marina's eyes dazed with hope but with hesitancy.

"Are you crying? Are you not satisfied? Ha?! Is it good?!" I gave her a strong push because she was crying again, almost unaware of what I was doing.

She screamed in pain.

"My child, " she cried in pain.

I tore his clothes as if it were just a rag.

"Is this how he does!? Ha! Is it good? Answer me!"

"Marco! Stop! My baby!" she was crying in tears. I looked at myself and was very demonic in what I did.

So much blood…

I looked at her thigh, so much blood was spread on the floor and my hand was full of blood.

"My God what have I done, " I whispered, looking at Mirana slowly losing consciousness.

"Mi-Mirana! Shit! What have I done!"

"Mirana please talk to me, " I tremble.

I immediately picked her up and ran to my car. I have to take her to the hospital. I didn't realize my tears were flowing. For the last 8 months, he has done nothing but makes her life miserable and I have never thought of the child in her womb.

"Save my child and Mirana please, " I trembled as I drove to the hospital.

Bernard's Hospital

"Nurse! Nurse !!! My wife !!! Help me! Save my baby!"

They immediately rushed Mirana to the emergency room, where the hospital was almost full.

"Sir, you can enter the room."

"Doc! Doc! Please save my child and my wife."

The doctor nodded.



Save them...

Tears filled my eyes. I didn't know what to do. I could almost get my hair pulled out because of the nonsense I did.

I dialed Adam's number and in just a ring he answered.

"Marco, what's up? How are you and Mi-"

"Adam I need your help and don't tell Marina about this, " I quivered at the other line.

"Why? What happened? What about Mirana? "

"We're here at the hospital. Please come, I don't know what to do anymore."

"I'm coming."

It was good that Marina and Adam to have a vacation here near us but the twins didn't know they were close enough to each other. Even Adam didn't know it.


Mirana's POV


"Make a wish, " Marco said while holding the chocolate cake which is my favorite.

"I don't have to wish Marco any more. It's just not happening, " I said and immediately blew the candle.

"Then I'll wish, I wish that you could see your happiness and that is me, " he joked, but I couldn't help but smile at his words.

"That can't be fulfilled because I have my birthday cake and you just have candles."

"My wish came true because I bought cake and candles hahaha, " he laughed holding his stomach.

"You laugh too"

"You laughed because I laughed it's your birthday, after all."

"Mandatory? I'll laugh if I think it's funny. Thanks to the cake you even bother to buy one."

I smiled as I remembered all of it. It's weird and frustrating but we're so comfortable with each other. With so many memories about that, it's just me going down. I guess this is my karma after all.

I accept all of my faults because that's what I deserve. But to incriminate my child in my womb is a big no for me. I feel sorry for myself, sorry for the fact that it's okay for me to do everything.

I wept for those thoughts I was not going to give up on this life. I gasped in thought a

gay, " he turned to me as he hits me in the back of my head.

"Fuck! What's that for?!"

"You are here to support me not for your cheeky cheers and your homosexual fucks, " he said I can't help my self but to laugh.

"Why are you limping? You're so stupid, " he looked at me wickedly, and I took it seriously.

"Who else knew Mirana was here at the hospital?" I asked.

"That's it, I was so upset and didn't know what to do I called Adam. Later they were here."

"With who?"

"Marina, I told him that he didn't tell her about it first but I feel like he would say. I hope not, " he replied with a worried on his face.

"What are you going to do?"

"I don't know, I don't fucking know Ros. I screwed up. What do I say?" sadness and frustration in her face didn't even give me a hard answer.

"Tell the truth, I'll go with you."

Adam's POV

What do you want for lunch love? I'll cook it for you, "I asked her sweetly.

"Did you do any bullshit?"

I immediately laughed at her.

"I'm just going to cook. What do you want to eat now? Except me of course, " I asked and she stared me like she was going to kill me.


"My favorite dish, that is what I want to eat it now."

"Are you craving?" I asked her a question.

"Maybe, " she replied with a puzzled look. There's something she is not telling me.

"I'm going to the bedroom first to sleep, just wake me up, " she said gnawing and started walking to our room.

"When you wake up you don't have any clothes, " I shouted and she just laugh.

"Stop me Adam!"

I was about to get ingredients when my phone suddenly vibrated. It's Marco.

"Marco, what's up? How are you and Mi-"

"Adam I need your help and don't tell Marina about this, " obviously afraid of the tone of his voice. I was immediately taken aback by what he said.

"Why? What happened? What happened to Mirana?" I immediately asked him in a weak voice. I don't know but I don't want Marina to hear it even though she's in our room right now.

"We're here at the hospital. Please come, I don't know what to do anymore, " his voice was tired I knew he was crying. What happened?

"I'm coming, " I answered and ended the call.

I call Manang Cecilia to continue what I am cooking for Marina to eat when she wakes up. Still, I left a note for her saying that I will be in an unexpected meeting. I do not want to lie to her especially about her twin sister but I have to be careful and aware before I tell her. I'm sorry love.

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