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   Chapter 15 The Sin

Marco's Revenge (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES II) By Heitcleff Characters: 5085

Updated: 2020-01-25 12:06

Marina's POV

"I'm here to get you. Come with me."


"I can take what you bring, this is not the life you always wanted Mirana.

I know you regret the things you did before, I know you want to start over. Come with me, leave him and be with me. "




Marco stood near the door with no emotion on his face the man I have loved so far.

You would not think that a very handsome and kind person like him was heartless just because I had done so before.


I was sitting under the tree watching the children as they play together with their parents. I looked at the sky that is so peaceful, the leaves that are slowly falling into the ground, and the wind that is solemnly touching my skin and waving some of my hair.

I closed my eyes as the tears were freely falling into my cheeks. I heard some footsteps coming into my direction, I didn't bother opening my eyes for I know that it is him.

He laid down in the grass and grab me. He placed me into his chest. I look at him and my heart skips a beat, he looked at me with full of love in his eyes. He smiled and kissed me gently in the forehead.

"Your parents huh, " he said while brushing my hair.

I didn't reply but I just took a deep breath.

"They love you. Trust me, " he said softly.

I don't know but I suddenly want to believe in his words.

"I love you, " I can't believe that it came out from my mouth but I don't regret those words.

His eyes sparkled with happiness and suddenly hug me

to a man who does not know my worth, I know I am unworthy of his eyes but I am carrying his flesh and blood and I can't risk the life of my son in his arms.

"Are you crying? Are you not satisfied? Ha?! Is it good?!" It was a powerful thrust that knocked me to the floor. I screamed in pain.

It hurts...

"My child, " I had no voice and I was sobbing in pain.

Marco faced me and tore my clothes apart like a rag. He lowered my underwear and took off his pants.

I screamed as he entered me. My eyes were now blurry. I can't even save my self, my child.

"Is this how he does!? Ha! Is it good? Answer me!"

He thrust faster this time and I just can't help but scream and scream for him to stop.

"Marco! Stop! My baby!" I was crying in pain and in pain. But I'm so sick that I feel as though I'm dizzy.

Marco stopped suddenly and looked at my thigh.


So much blood...

I grasped my leg and looked at my hand.

"My baby-" in a matter of seconds, I suddenly lost consciousness.

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