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   Chapter 12 Ice cream for sweet tooth

Marco's Revenge (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES II) By Heitcleff Characters: 5774

Updated: 2020-01-25 10:23

Cello's POV

Rio De Janeiro 4:00 am

"What a big dumb I am! Why am I pushing the person I love to the person who is pushing her away? I am so stupid and I push myself and get to the point where I pretend to be gay. I still include the family of my foolishness, "I muttered under my breath as I gulped my beer.

"Cello!" Fernando called, I almost didn't notice him standing near beside me. I shoot him a look and ignored him.

"It's too early for a beer, " he said as he took a sip of his brewed coffee.

I ignored him and continued to drink.

"Okay spill it, " he said as he tossed his cup in the air.

I sighed in frustration and run my hands into my hair.

"This woman again?" he asked.

"Yes, it's her, " I answered slowly enough for him to hear.

"Why do you still keep pretending? Why can't you tell her the truth? Simple as that, " he stated, he's right why can't I just tell her the truth about me, my life?

"I don't even know."

"Stupid, " he said sarcastically.

"Yeah yeah say what you want."

"There is a multitude of ideas on pretending but why did you choose to pretend to be a gay bro? You're making our name bad, " he laughed and I can't help myself to laugh too.

"Seriously bro this is exactly what had happened. I was cleaning the living room when saw lacy underwear. I don't know who I make out on that day. If you are me what will you do next?" I said grinning at him.

"Oh no, bro! Did you try to wear it?" he laughed.

"Yes, yes I did. And the door flew open and she saw me in that underwear. Ashamed of course and that's why I pretended to be gay, " I said and he burst into a laugh.

"It must be horrible bro. If I were you I'll sniff that fucking underwear and pretended


Marco's POV

"Don't bother me. Mind your ice cream, Mr. M, "

"Mr. M?" I asked due in curiosity.

"Mr. M, don't you know? Mr. Menopause I don't wonder why your face looks so old as you are in your 60's, " she said. She immediately turned her attention away from me and concentrated on her food.

"Finish that already now, " I sternly said as I stand and walk in the door.

She mumbled something that I can't hear.

Why does my heart ache every time I see and talk to her? Is it because of what she did in the past or because of what I do now? Whatever it is I should be unmindful of it.

I asked myself as I stared at her.

"Is that child mine?" I suddenly asked her and she was surprised.

"Yes, " she answered briefly and let go of the spoon she was holding.

"High School days you're a bitch and if that baby is not mine then you're a whore. You have 9 months to prove to me that the baby is mine. And if it's not, pack your bags and leave my house. I still don't forget what you did in the past Mirana, " I said and walked out.

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