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   Chapter 11 Pregnant is not a joke

Marco's Revenge (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES II) By Heitcleff Characters: 8532

Updated: 2020-01-25 10:21

Mirana's POV

It was early morning so I thought of leaving the house first. Cold dew dries on my skin. I forgot to bring a jacket.

I looked at the whole house, it was so beautiful. I don't deserve it. I'm only here because of his son I carry. I don't know what will happen after that. What happened last night, his so-called hate speech almost penetrated my heart and personality. Major mistakes I have made in the past. Now I am sorry.

"Do you know how much that glass is worth?" he asked looking straight into my eyes. My fingers fidgeted and he knows that I am now nervous.

"I'll replace that Marco. I'm sorry, " I apologized.

"My question is, do you know how much glass you have broken?" he asked again."


It's worthless like you are worthless, " he coldly said and left me alone.

My eyes fluttered at the memories I had. Those words just make sense to me. He used to love before but now and he hated me.

I walk for a bit when I feel a bit dizzy. I am very tired of the series of emotions. It's not good for me.

Fortunately, I have a tree to lean on. I took a deep breath and looked around. I was so dizzy, I tried to turn around and go back inside but my feet couldn't lift it and I was about to fall to the ground.

I had tears in my eyes when I knew I was about to fall but two pairs of strong arms grabbed me. I was blown away by what I saw.

Is faith fooling me around?

Two pairs of beautiful eyes stared at me. I will admit that any woman who looks at him like this will fall and fall for her.

I still see him as Kid's image. Kid was the one I loved when we were still in High School. But he's changed now.

He helped me stand up.

"Didn't you eat last night?" he asked without any emotion as well as his eyes.

"y-yes, " I replied. I could not understand why I am stammering.

"Do you take vitamins?"

"No, I didn't buy anything. The prescription drugs were too expensive for me."

"You should take care of yourself. Especially my son you are carrying. You don't have to work as we agreed. Take care of yourself and the baby you have. Let's talk about what's going to happen next, " he promised and stare at me and lower her gaze to my stomach.


"Go eat and take rest it's an order. Nanang prepared food, " he ordered as I nodded.

When I was about to go into the kitchen to help Nanang, I saw her in the dining room preparing food.

She smiled when she saw me.

"Oh no! I almost forgot that the person you texted me so much and replied, I'm sorry and I opened it because

d tired that I cooked early for her to eat, " she explained.

"All right, I'm going to rest, " I said and climbed into my room.

"All right and if you are hungry there is the only food available here."

I immediately lay down on my bed and was drowsy. I couldn't even take a shower because I was so tired.


I was overcome by the feeling that someone was yelling at me. I opened my eyes and saw Mirana. Immediately I sat down and wiped my forehead, my eyes still closed. And I don't know why she was here and how she got in. I forgot to lock the door earlier.

"Marco, wake up."

"What else do you think?" I irritatedly answer and she was quiet.

"What do you need?"

"I'm craving for ice cream, " she said shyly.

"What?!" I looked at what time it was, two o'clock in the morning.

"I'm craving for ice cream, " she said again it was like a kid who likes to eat ice cream.

"At two o'clock in the morning Mirana, no one is selling ice cream at this time, " I sternly said and her eyes seemed to be down so she got up and walked out of the room.

"S-sorry if wake you up, " she sadly said and ready to leave.

I groaned in irritation. Are pregnant really this way? I got up from my seat and immediately went out of the room and she was about to go into her room.

"Mirana, " I said enough for her to hear me. She turns her head gracefully into my direction and I can't help but admire her beautiful face.

Snap out of it Marco.

"Okay, we're going for ice cream, " I said and saw her eyes sparkled in happiness.

"Let's go!" she excitedly exclaimed.

"Oh god. Please give me the strength to this woman, " I said as I run my hand on my messy hair.

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