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   Chapter 10 Words Can Kill You

Marco's Revenge (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES II) By Heitcleff Characters: 6846

Updated: 2020-01-25 10:15

Marco's POV

I decided not to sit next to her because something else might come out of my mouth that I might regret. I looked at her slightly and saw her looking outside and she's in deep thoughts.

What are you thinking about Mirana? I talk to myself then snapped out of it. Why would I even care about that?

I was just paying attention to the road when my cellphone suddenly vibrated. I smiled at what I read. It was Keiro, he says that he can no longer handle his soon to be wife. The two of them were like cats and dogs and I can say that his woman is a good fit for him. She was the only one who made Keiro this mad. Someday he will find out her value and love her with all of her flaws. I turn off my phone and glance at the mirror to see Mirana and I was stunned when I caught her crying but she immediately wipes it away. I averted my attention on the road before she caught me staring at her and in fact, she did look at my direction.

I saw her reflection in my mirror that I had put in front of me. A few minutes passed and we were here in my mansion. After the car's engine was turned off, I immediately drove the driver to which he responded immediately.

She looks frightened as soon as I averted my eyes to her. And that's what I want.

Welcome to your miserable life Mirana.

She was still going to speak but I cut her off. But it's so fucking sad to say that she's wrong.

"This is the place you are living now but before you step your filthy feet at my house I should tell you that, what's on your mind is not what you think you will be in here. Let us just say that you are not a princess that will be served by my servants because you will be one of them too, "

I sternly said and she was stunned. Why? What does she's thinking? That she's a damsel in distress and someone rescued him like a lost kitten and feed it with catnip?

"Ohhhhh don't be too shocked. You're the one who asks this first in the first place. And you said you can do anything. So be my servant don't be picky. Beggars can't be choosers, " I

not have a used phone. I said my address well.

"Thank you so much Nanang, " I thank before returning her phone.

"Are you okay here? I'm still early tomorrow."

"Yes, I can do it myself. I'll keep the food I can't eat. I'll take care of it. Thank you again."

"Do you ever have to thank them?" she laughed.

"I'm going ahead, my room is just over there. Just call me when you need me."

"All right."

After I finished eating, I hung up my dishes. I kept some of the foods I hadn't moved. I didn't notice that I was eating too much, I really am pregnant.

After I had finished the table, I took a glass to drink water. As I approached the refrigerator, the glass slipped out of my hand. Footsteps ran in my direction and landed on Marco's adonis face. In his eyes, the concern was immediately replaced by the cold gaze in the blink of an eye.

"What happened?" he asked as if I had committed a great sin.

"The glass slip-" he cut off my speech.

He looked at the broken glass.

"Do you know how much that glass is worth?" he asked looking straight into my eyes. My fingers fidgeted and he knows that I am now nervous.

"I'll replace that. I'm sorry, " I apologize.

"My question is, do you know how much glass you have broken?" he asked again.


"It's worthless ... like you are worthless, " he said coldly and left me alone.

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