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   Chapter 9 Marco's Conscience

Marco's Revenge (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES II) By Heitcleff Characters: 7090

Updated: 2020-01-25 09:45

Mirana's POV

"What are you doing here?" I asked as I look at him in the eyes.

"I am here to take you into our home, " he answered and my eyes go wider that I can't even feel my face.

"Wait? What?" I asked not to believe what was happening.

"Pack all of your things and we will go immediately. You only have five minutes to pack, " he said and leave me standing out of the blue.

"Look Mr, you would not immediately tell me to leave it as if nothing had happened, " I cried that I immediately regretted it. It was because I was the first to beg.

"Which of us was the first to take this step? Who of us was the first to beg? Didn't you? I am offering you a better place to live in, proper food for you and the child, and a shelter. you like it or not you are coming with me. We will discuss some other things later. Three minutes to pack your things, "he said and left me dumbfounded.

I immediately hurried to pack my belongings. It didn't take me long to pack because I had very few things.

"What took you so long to get ready?" he asked which makes me jump a little in my place.

"Take it easy, just for a moment, "I said and scrambled to put some clothes in the bag.

"Here let me help you, " he said and opened a drawer which I shouted but I couldn't stop him. My cheeks flared in red as I couldn't help but think of what he had opened. That's where my underwear and brassiere are located. I pushed him away but in this case, I didn't even turn him down for a bit. Marco smiled wickedly as he took lacy underwear and touch it.

"I like to see you wearing this, " he grinned madly. I pulled it out from him and pushed him out of the room. I could hear him laugh and I was in a hurry.

After packing I traveled my eyes all over the room and was sad because I was about to leave this house. I don't know why but I do feel a little sad.

He opened the door of his car. We traveled in silence to each other.

"Is this right? Am I doing the right thing? Why do I even ask this? I am the one who asked this in the first place so let's just hope for the best, " I talked to myself as I averted my e


"Have you been lost here?" I asked as I rolled my eyes around. I heard him laugh and amuse him with my question.

"There are so many times. You know I'm getting old, " she said and laughed slightly before opening the bedroom door.

It is a small bedroom with a small space. The only room is a small bed, table, cabinet, and chairs.

"Sorry and this will be your room, a maid's room. I told him that you are carrying his child and should not treat you like this but he would not listen to me. That kid's head was stubborn since he was a kid. I've been raising him since his parents separated. But don't worry about that kid, he's kind, " she said, with concern in her eyes.

"Please do not apologize. After all that I have done to him, this is the right thing he could do.

She reached up to me and held my hands.

"Don't lose hope, " she smiled and I couldn't help myself not to hug her. In less than an hour, I had met her I already trust her. She probably looked like my mother and because of that, I haven't felt a mother's love since I was young.

"I'm so sorry and if I sudden hug you, " I laughed and wiped the tears from my eyes.

"It's okay Mirana go to your room and rest, " she said and bid her goodbye.

I took a deep breath before entering my room.

I brushed my tummy and smiled.

"This is going to our new room sweetheart. don't you worry, mommy will work hard for you."

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