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   Chapter 8 The Pride

Marco's Revenge (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES II) By Heitcleff Characters: 7503

Updated: 2020-01-25 09:45

Mirana's POV

I've done, I've done what I have to do but why is it so heavy? Why is it so heavy to carry. I have been guilty of all this from the beginning. There were no tears in my eyes to cry. When I first learned that he was Kid whom I loved in high school, my world was almost ruined, yes I admit I used to shame him. I was so stupid because I did that because of my so-called friends and reasons for not wanting to embarrass them and probably someone like me loves a loser and a nerd guy.

But what did I do, I trusted to my worthless friends who eventually betrayed me. Those times that he knelt before me and witnessed the students yelling and shouting at anything but he completely ignored them but his whole attention was on me. My heart was breaking when I saw him weeping and begging that it was all a show. He loved me a lot but I just turned away from him and left the men with dreads behind him.

I want him to run and help him get up because every blow to him strike my heart. I wanted to approach him and apologize, but neither could my feet move to where I was.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, here in front of us is the ambitious, geek, freak and a feeler to have Mirana Vaughn Welch to be his so-called girlfriend, " the people laugh

"And here is the video and pictures that he is patiently waiting for her GIRLFRIEND and look at his face. Pitiful!" shouted by a friend of mine on the microphone cause the students around to shout.

"Yeah!" they all agreed and laughed.

"I know right, " she laughed

"And now to complete this romantic show let us welcome Mirana Vaughn Welch! The best actress!" they all screamed, whistled and clapped their hands as they saw me ramped in the stage.

"You! You waited for me. You believe in my words?" I said I can't believe I'm doing it.

"Well dream on Kid!" I shouted and all of the students screamed and throw shit on him. Even teachers came out of their offices and shouted them to go back to their rooms.

"You're joking, right? Is this kind of a prank?" he asked which made my heartbreak but I just admired the pain.

"No.Im.Not.Mr, " I firmly said and left leaving him in that scene. They all run into him and throw him whatever they want and some other punch and kick him

n't even go there. This is not what I want our children to be. I admit that in the first place I doubted that it's not mine but as she steps her feet in my office and as her tears flow in her cheeks, my heart sunk in pain as I saw sorrow in her eyes that I do not want to see. The baby on her womb is my child, the one that I will call my own ... my child.

I stood in front of her and saw her frowned. As if for a few seconds she was about to explode in anger. She is quiet when she is angry and you know that she is mad when she is about to cry.

"What are you doing here?" she asked as she looks at me in the eyes.

"I am here to take you into our home, " I answered and her eyes got wider and her facial expression was in shock.

"Wait? What?"

"Pack all of your things and we will go immediately. You only have five minutes to pack, " I said and leave her standing out of the blue.

"Look Mr. you would not tell me to leave right away as if nothing had happened, "she shouted, holding me back.

"Which of us was the first to take this step? Who of us was the first to beg? Didn't you? I am offering you a better place to live in, proper food for you and the child, and a shelter. you like it or not you are coming with me. We will discuss some other things later. Three minutes to pack your things, " I said and left her dumbfounded.

As I step my feet outside, I exhale all of the negatives that I inhaled inside. This thing makes my mind crazy. This will gonna take a while.

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