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   Chapter 6 Forgiveness in Her Heart

Marco's Revenge (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES II) By Heitcleff Characters: 5117

Updated: 2020-01-24 14:21

Marco's POV

I was in the garage when someone suddenly called my phone. I picked it up right away and looked at who. I frowned as it was not in my contacts but I just answered it maybe it is an emergency.

"Hello, " I answered frowning while inserting my keys.

"Marco, " answered the caller who sounded like a very familiar voice to me.

"Adam?" I asked then to sit down properly.

"Yes, " he chuckled in the other line and I smiled as I hear the voice of their son Helios.

"Why did you call? Is there's any problem?" I asked worriedly but he just laughs in the other line.

"Nothing bro, I just called because I want you to come to my wedding, me and Marina will be getting married bro and I want you to be there. I want you to come and see my happiness so you could see yours too maybe its the only answer so can stop your foolishness plans, " he delightedly says, the tone of his voice as he announces that she will marry the woman he loves the most. Despite all the things that happened between them, the ending will be always in the church.

"Congrats bro! I am so happy that you and Marina will be getting married. I know you've been waiting a long time, congrats. But I may not be able to come into your wedding, I have loads of loads of important business under our company and our father wanted me to handle it, " I said not minding the words he had said and I heard him sighed.

"But don't worry bro I'll send you my gifts and wishes. How I wish that I can come bro but, "I could not continue what I was g

believe his warnings that Mirana just cheated on me and made fun of me. I was just too stupid to ignore those things so much I loved her and I believed her words too.

I thought it was just a joke but I saw in his own eyes the shame and disgrace as I knelt in front of her to witness all the people around us. I begged for mercy several times but only laughed at me and the people around us.

I looked at Mirana and did not realize that my tears were streaming but that she had no emotion and turned away as she left me with people who approached and screamed.

At that time my whole body seemed to be numb and I could feel no pain in their strokes until Rosso came and helped me. I shouted at him that he would have just left me and let me die but he just punched me and said I had no idea if I would think so.

From the beginning, I left the place just as Rosso said to start over and return only when things were going well.

Sorry, Adam but I can't do what you said. Forgiveness is no longer in my heart.

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