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   Chapter 5 The Starting

Marco's Revenge (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES II) By Heitcleff Characters: 4198

Updated: 2020-01-24 09:37

Marco's POV

I was fixing my tie when someone knocked.

"Good morning Sir, someone is looking for you and she said its emergency, " she said and immediately my chest beat as soon as I heard what she had to say.

"She?" I ask that I want to know who that is.

"Yes, Sir"

"Let her come in, " I said not bothering to ask the name of whoever it will be.

I was surprised to see her slowly enter my office, yes I know that one of these days she is going to go to me but I didn't know she would come to me right away. Mirana looked around the room and was surprised when she read my name on the table. I expect this to happen and I need to stand up for what I have been doing since the beginning. I don't know why it's so hard for me to forgive her.

At first, I was about to forgive her in Brazil and was willing to tell her that I was the Kid she knew but she still betrayed me. It was just so painful and she even-handed the baby over to someone else even though I was the real father. And now she was standing in front of me with obvious panic.

"Kid, " she whispered that I had longed to hear that from her lips but now it made me even more angry that I didn't know why.

Is it because I am reminded of the humiliation she has caused me?

"Kid, " I bitterly mocked

"Oh come on Mirana Vaughn! Is that all you can say? Welcome me, "

I said sarcastic and comfortably sat at my desk. I looked at her closely and to this day her beauty is still wanting even though her dress is simple, the bulge of her stomach obvious.

She was also pale and a little depressed, I wanted to tell her if she cared for the child she was taking. I also noticed her slippers and in my estimation, she only attached with a shoe glue because it looked worn out. Doesn't she have money to buy cheap sandals?

"So tell me, why are you here?" comfortable I asked as I looked her in the eye. I noticed that she was a little surprised or embarrassed by his presence.

"Don't be so ambitious that I will put you in my good chairs because people like you are dirt, " I reluctantly told her that she ha

d shed her tears. I don't know if I should believe her tears or is this one of her worthless art.

"I have your child, " she says that doesn't surprise me at all. I know the child she is carrying is mine but I should not just allow it without replacement.

"Mine?" I laugh in sarcastic.

"It's yours, " she said tearfully while holding her tummy.

"How can I be sure it's mine?" I raised my eyebrow as I crossed my arms.

"It is-" she bit her lower lip.

"If you think you can fool me again like what you did to Adam, well you're mistaken. I don't even know if that child you are bearing is totally mine and you're just telling that because I'm rich, I have a lot of money. Tell me how much do you want and I'll give it to you instantly, " I sternly said as I stood straight and eyed her from head to toe like I was disgusted to see her crying.

Does she really hurt or just playing?

"If you are here just to make a scene, then you should already leave woman. You're wasting my time and time for me is money, " I coldly said and gesture the door for her to leave.

"I'll do anything, anything Marco just for the child, please I'm begging you, " she said desperately as the tears run down freely in her cheeks and her hands were held tight.

"Just for the child, " she whispered enough for me to hear.

"anything?" I asked surely, this is exactly what I'm waiting for her to say those words.

"anything" she answered in a raspy voice as her tears still running freely on her cheeks but wipe it away.

"Then be my servant, you will do anything I command and that child is my answer, " I stated as I look at her, and by the time Mirana gives birth to my child, I will move the baby away from her. And she could go and look for her new life and of course, I would give her a percentage because she brought my son along for the rest of her life.

"Do we have a deal, " I asked and a playful smile showed in my face.

"Deal, " she replied that I could not see in her eyes if she was hurting but that I should not waste the time what was important was she agreed with me.

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