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   Chapter 40 PROMISES

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 10324

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After Marina left me, my life went miserable. My life was a mess, my life was like a half without her. So when my mom and dad called me back to San Diego I immediately went, because I couldn't do anything because my mom and dad had called me back several times. So when I got home I did nothing but lock up the bedroom and sleep to forget everything when I went to bed.

I got up to get some wine because I couldn't sleep at those times, I heard voices that I couldn't heard enough.

I ignored it and looked for wine in the kitchen when I felt a presence and immediately turned around.

I look back to childhood because I look like the child in front of me now, and I know it well.

He is my son.

He pointed to me and asked if I was his father. And looking at the newcomer I was never mistaken, my dearest woman stood by and looked at me.

"Mommy ish that ma daddy?"

She was about to say no when I speak up.

"Yes baby, I'm daddy, " I said and his eyes sparkled and I saw joy in his eyes.

He is my son and I want to hug him and kiss him. He's my son, my only son. A single tear escape from my eye and I wipe it away.

"I have a daddy!" he shouted joyfully and run to me. I pick him up and hug him.



"I have a daddy!" Helios shouted as he look at me, his smile grew wider and wider and I don't want to crash it and say no to him but I don't want him to be hurt later.

I could see in his eyes the joy of seeing Helios. I also saw in my son's eyes the joy of seeing his father.

And when I saw them hug, my heart sank, am I a bad person to keep them apart? or let my son to be hurt later? It's just all wrong.

"Helios, baby get to your lolo and lola, they prepared some sweets for you, " I said on him and as he heard the word sweets his eyes sparkled and let go of Adam.

"Adam, what are you saying?" I asked anger in my voice.

"What? That's my son. I have my rights, " he said and that's get me more hostile.

"You maybe have the rights but you're the one who cut it, " I said shouting at him and his face turned red.

He rubbed his temples and calmed his self before talking to me.

"That's my child, my son."

"Do you hear yourself, Adam? You're the one who said that you want an abortion, you don't want him, " as soon as I said those words I felt a presence and it was Helios standing next to me.

"Daddy doesn't want me?" he asked looking at me like he was gonna cry later.

I was about to pick him up when Adam swatted my arm and he picks Helios.

"Of course I want you. I love you my son and I am your Daddy, " he said and Helios smiled and he gives a hugged to Adam.

"Mommy, can I pway with daddy?" Helios asked excitedly and I look at Adam whose eyes were begging for me to say yes.

I nodded and they both give a high five.

"Can I walk him?"

"Please I just want to be with him after all those years I am not with him, " he added and I took a deep breath before saying yes.

"Only tonight, " I said and his smile grew wide and Helios

ho wants breakfast?" she asked and I raised my hand and I laughed when Helios too raised his hands. No doubt, my son is totally like me.

I stared at Marina and Helios with a smile on their faces, now my life, my treasure. I was glad that Marina give me a second chance and I wouldn't waste that.

From the day Marina left me, I began to leave the world of showbiz because I was unable to satisfy my loneliness with her and my thoughts on our future. So when this day came, I decided that I should tie her up in my life. I will marry her.


"Adam, son how are you doing and Marina?" asked mom, dad and I was here today in his library room.

"She gave me a chance and didn't want to let it go, " I replied, smiling.

"You should, you should earn her trust after all you have done, " he stated while looking at me intensely.

"I know and I regret those times that I screwed up. They are my new life now. I love them, " I said, words cannot express my feelings.

"So when's the wedding?"

"Dad, Mom can you help me with the wedding? Marina wanted a simple garden wedding and I want to give that to her, " I said and they sit properly.

"When is the wedding, I keep asking here?" my dad asked me a question right away.

"Next week, "sagot ko na ikinaubo naman ni papa.

"That fast?"

"That's great! I'll call my Amigas right now, " she said and leaves the room.

"Okay if that's what you want, this thing can be handy. What date is it now?"


"We have 5 days to go, " he said and I nodded.

"Your mom will be in charge of Marina and I'll be the setting of the garden wedding. And you, you have nothing to worry about my son, you should find a wedding ring son, " he said and I hug him.

"Thanks, dad"

"Anything son, anything"

I am so blessed to have them.

"Breakfast ready"

"Yehey bweakfast yum yum, " Helios said that I and Marina laughed because Helios just scoop the pancake into his mouth and all the chocolate syrup spread to his face. And he smiled with chocolate on his teeth.

"Ohhh you silly"

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