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   Chapter 39 AFTER ALL

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 7405

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I winced as the sunlight stroke at my eyes. It was already morning and I winced as I touch my head it was like hammering my head. I got a hangover last night and suddenly I remember everything even Marina.

I even remembered what I told her to abort the child. I also don't know why I told her that foolish thing, I wanted to hug her at that time but I couldn't even feel my own feet. And I found myself that I slapped her.

I didn't want to hurt her but that's just how I reacted. I jump out from my bed and look at my surroundings I was at a room kinda like a suit. And it bangs me, I was drunk last night and I drove myself in here with a beer. I look at my table and there were a lot of bottles scattered on the floor. I run my hands through my hair and headed to the bathroom. I should get going to see her and begged her for how sorry I am and I will not gonna do it again.

After I took a shower I immediately dressed and called Ayesha, who is organizing a popular restaurant. I want to take Marina there and apologize to her today I will offer her a wedding.

After I called Ayesha to rent the restaurant I headed straight to the flower shop where Marina loved the flowers there. I was well known because I always bought flowers for her. I went inside and was immediately greeted by their manager, Evelyn, she's getting old enough but still handling this shop gratefully. .

"Adam, " she welcomed and I just smiled at her.

"What flowers do you want me to make for you?" she asked motherly.

"As usual, " I answered and she laughs.

After I bought the flowers I already headed to our house. I wanted to hug her and tell her how much I was sorry for what I had done. As I stepped into the house, silence welcomed me. I search for her in the kitchen and found nothing. I was starting to feel anxious at this time because it seemed to be happening again. I ran to our room and immediately went to her cabinet. Her clothes were almost gone, I roam my eyes in the room and my eyes catch something white envelope at the table.

I sat down on the bed and tore the envelope. I immediately saw the ring I had given her and read the letter.

Dear Adam, This is my last letter and my final g

breakfast and go for a shower, " I answered and he clapped his hands happily.

After we prepared ourselves we headed out. (and did I tell you that they are here too in San Diego and it is a 2 and a half-hour drive here to go there.

After 2 and a half hours of driving, we were finally there.

I knocked at their door and Sebastian, father of Adam opened it.

"Marina! iha, welcome home, " he welcomed and hug me tightly and Lucia appeared.

"Oh! Finally, Marina, you're here!" she whines and hugs me too that I nearly cough for I cannot breathe.

Then Sebastian chuckled adoringly as he sights Helios.

"Oh man! is this my grandchild? He has my eyes!" he laughed and hug Helios and Helios giggled.

"This my Lolo mommy?" he asked and I nodded.

"Oh Sebastian, our grandchild. No, he has my eyes and nose, " Lucia said and they both laugh and as they look again at Helios, he suddenly disappeared and headed to the kitchen.

I followed him into the kitchen and saw him standing and pointing. My heart was beating fast for no reason and I saw what he was pointing at.


Helios looked at me and smiled.

"Mommy! Ish that ma Daddy?" he asked and my mouth cannot form a word to answer his question. It's his birthday today and I don't want to ruin it but I also don't expect him to be accepted by his father, besides he doesn't like having children, does he?

"Baby No-" I was cut out of my words when Adam speak up.

"Yes baby, I am your Daddy"

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