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   Chapter 38 THE CHANGING

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 8512

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"Hey, Adam! What's wrong?" Keiro asked me as soon as he gets his whiskey.

"Marina, " I slurred, maybe the alcohol already kick me.

"Marina? What about her?" he asked curiously.

"She's fucking pregnant!" I tossed my glass in the air.

"Woooh please calm down Adam, I mean you should be happy about that news. Marina's getting pregnant, what's the big deal?" he stated and I look at him like seriously? He is asking me like that? Am I too selfish to think about my dreams to think about myself? I think not.

"That thing can ruin my career my life, " I slurred out pointing at him but he swats my hand.

"What's with you? It's not like you're not the Adam who loved the Marina I know, " he said that makes me chuckled.

"I love her but I love my career too. And I want that child to be gone, I'm not even sure that was fucking mine, " I said to him and his eyes were wide open like it was unbelievable for him to hear that coming from me.

"You know Adam, since that career, that fucking damn career goes in your life you fucking asshole forget everything! Everything about her about Marina! She, she gives up her dreams of being a chef just for you! She loves you with all her heart all her life. And even if you can't introduce her to people it's okay with her and even though in the eyes of the people think that she is your maid is still okay with her just to be with you, you bastard!! You know Adam you've changed, so you better think this before you regret it. I'm out of here, " he shouted at me that makes all the people distance and avoided my eyes. And all I did was to stand there and recall all of what did he told me.

How can I be so blind all this time? I want to drunk myself for being so idiot treating her like that. I want this night to be drunk and forget what happened and go back to her tomorrow to tell her how sorry I am.

He's right I'm a fucking bastard!



I kicked the wheel of my car after I left the club. Adam's a huge fool, a huge fool.


I was about to walk somewhere to freshen up when I saw a woman who seemed to be crying near a tree in a park. As I approached the woman I was surprised that it was Marina. She immediately wiped her tears and smiled without reaching his eyes.

"Marina, can I sit next to you?" I asked and she just nodded. I sat down next to her.

"Is there a problem?" I asked and she shrugged.

"Come on Marina, your not good at lying, your eyes were so transparent.


I touch my belly and I suddenly remembered my twin. We are now in the same situation and I hope that she is not in a desperate life like mine now. I hope she is in good shape and hopefully she is eating well. A tear escape from my eyes and I wipe it with my free hand.

"It's going to be alright baby. Mommy can take care of this for you, just hold on okay?" I whispered believing that he/she can hear it.

I wanted to find out if my baby was going to be a girl or a boy so when I came down I would immediately schedule a visit with a known doctor. I will take care of it with all my heart, I will not feel that I have anything to lose.

I will stand as a mother and father, I will do everything for my child. This is now my dream.

My phone beep and it was a text message coming from Damien. I gave him my calling card at that night to text me if he got my message.

"Where are you?" he asked in text and I immediately replied.

"Airport going to San Diego, " I replied and not less than a minute he immediately replies.

"San Diego? I'm currently here at San Diego, why are you going in here by the way?" he replied.

"Long story Damien, " I replied

"You want me to fetch you?" he asked and I didn't hesitate to accept his offer again. I also don't know how to get there and I might get lost.

"Okay thank you so much, Damien. I'll text you when I get there, " I replied.

"No problem, okay I'll be waiting"

I was no longer able to reply because my flight was called. I adjusted myself and headed out. I will not regret this if however, our fate will collide, I do not know what will I'm gonna do. I should leave this pain in here and start a new life now with my child.

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