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   Chapter 37 THE ABORTION

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 9774

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"I love you more Marina, " as soon as he said those words to my ear, he gripped my waist and crushed his lips onto mine. I moaned as his hands roamed around on my body. His touch sent warmth and shiver that I miss. His kiss was sweet but passionate.

I will forget everything for him. Sometimes I asked myself if he was like that to me, I wanted to ask him if he could give up his dreams for me but I couldn't. I was afraid of his answer and I was even more afraid if he has no answer. No, I do not want to hear the answer I do not want to hear so I choose to keep quiet and let my heart love him and he will love me too.

"Please be mine tonight, " he said between his kisses. I moaned and he takes it an answer to his question. He planted some kisses on my neck before lifting me like a bride.

"I want you in my room, " he lustfully said and his eyes were hungry looking at me.

As we entered her room he immediately closed the door with his foot and laid me down on his bed.

"Let me undress you, " he said in a raspy voice as he looks at me, I just nodded and a small smile escapes from his lips.

"I love you so much, Adam."

"I love you too, more than my life."

And that night was a beautiful night for me, we shared love and words that I can't keep and longed for him to hear.



"I love you so much, Adam, " over and over again it ran through my mind as I stared at her in her sleep.

I was very lucky because no matter what I did to her, she still accepted me for the rest of her life.

When I see her with someone else I want to punch the person who holds her hand and waist, she's mine and the only mine no one touches my woman. And even though my business associates are my friends I want to keep their eyes off of her.

My phone rang and I immediately took it on not waking her up. I frowned as I look at the caller's ID, it was from my manager. Even after finishing my contract with them, I was still hot in the eyes of the media because of the movie I executed.

I answered the call even though I don't want too.

"Hello, " I answered.

"Adam, you're now in the news, who's the lady that you drag with at the Resto?" he asked, worried on his voice.

"Sorry for not telling you this from the start Phillip, but Marina was my woman, she will be my wife, " I straightly answered wanting to tell him the truth.

There was a long silence before he replied. I know that he's rubbing his temples now for giving him such a statement but I don't want to lie anymore after what happened between me and Marina.

"How couldn't you told me all this time?" he asked.

"I just wanted it to be in private Phil, " I said and I heard him sigh on the other line.

"So are you ready to tell to the people that you have a woman in your life?" he asked

"Not yet, this is not the right time. Please, can y

. I want to cry in his arms but I shouldn't.

"I bought flowers for you, " he said showing me the bouquet of tulips.

"Thank you, " I answered getting the flowers from his hand.

"Did you cry?" he asked and I avoided his eyes.

"No, why would I cry?" I chuckled and his not convinced so I changed the topic.

I had to tell him that I am pregnant, and I needed to be prepared for whatever he might answer.

"I'm pregnant, Adam, " I said softly as I knew he was listening.

He chuckled and looks at me in the eyes.

"You're just delayed love, " he said and kisses me in my cheeks.

"No, I'm pregnant and I'm positive, " I sobbed at the last word I said and showed my two pregnancy tests.

He smiled at me and looks at me like I'm ridiculous.

"When?" he asked which makes me frown.

"When what?"I asked.

"When will be the abortion?" he asked that makes me gasp in horror, why would he ask like that.


"Tell me when and I'll schedule it, " he plainly said which makes me mad. Is it easy for him to say that? He will kill his flesh and blood.

"No, I am not killing this child I am keeping this child. This is our child, Adam!" I shouted and he shoots me a wave of anger look.

"I'm not even sure that I am the father you are bearing!" as soon as he said those words a loud slapped landed on his cheek and it turned red.

"How dare you! You know just you, just you Adam, " I whispered as tears streamed down my eyes.

"I am keeping this child if you won't-" I was cut out of my words when a hand landed on my face and soon I realized that Adam just slaps me.

He hasn't touched me for the rest of my life, just now. I stared horrified at him as if Adam were not in front of me. I can't help my self but cry even more in front of him as I held my stomach.

"Abort that child, " he coldly said like there was nothing happened and leave from the house.

And I was left there kneeling on the floor crying.

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