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   Chapter 36 MARINA AND ADAM

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 5265

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I was so nervous when Mariah already called me to join her in front of the guests. But when I roam around my eyes on them there is a person that I can't see because he is covered with some other guy, but I ignored it when Mariah already call my name and began to introduce ourselves.

"Good evening and it's a pleasure to serve you all, " I smiled at them and they return the gesture.

"It is our pleasure, " a man in a black suit answered, I must admit that he is a good looking guy and the way his eyes look at me is a playboy style. I smiled at him and he just wink at me but I ignored it and changed the topic.

"So may I take your order so I can tell already to our chef?" I asked them and they nodded.

All of them say their order and I note it except for the one guy sitting in the corner, so the other guy sitting next to him elbows him asking what he will order. He straightly sits and fixes his coat and his eyes travel on me. I went numb when I recognize who it is. I can't move in my place and I feel like I'm holding my breath.

"Her, " he answered in a commanding tone, his voice was husky that I miss hearing them on my ears. I don't know what I'm doing but I suddenly stormed out in the room and run as if someone was chasing me.

Why am I running? This is what I want right to see him again, to touch and kiss him again? But when I go back to the times when he was not with me and with others, it seemed to break my heart again. My heart ached at the same time I saw him and it was like it was stabbed a million times and daggered. It

d just let him be. But who would be the one to suffer but me too. I was just trying to get myself away from him. He is now in front of me begging to come back into his life.

"Everyday I always blame myself for forgetting you, every day I always look at your room to see you in there sitting and watching cartoons while eating your favorite cookies. Everyday I always look at the ring that you left together with the letter. Everyday I always keep searching you and asking your friends to tell me where you are till my mother told me where you are, " his voice cracked and a tear escape from his eyes and I can't believe that his crying in front of me. He walks near beside me and knelled. He holds my hands and kisses my knuckled and I felt tears fall unto my knuckles.

"Please I love you please come back to me, " he said and cried into my lap and I run my hands into his hair and wipe his tears.

"I love you too, " I said and a single tear escape from my eyes and he held me tight and kiss me like no tomorrow.

"I love you more Marina"

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