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   Chapter 35 THE MEETING

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 7391

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I eyed the red dress that had been given to me. As I touch the fabric, I felt something so I got the dress up and found a red velvet box and my mouth hanging open when I saw what's inside. It's a beautiful pair of earrings and a diamond necklace. It's a perfect match for the dress but I can't wear such jewelry like this. I am just a server and I do not deserve this kind of a thing, it cost a fortune just to look at this thing.

I took my cellphone out of the bag and immediately called Miss Mariah. I had to ask her whom it came from and whether I really needed to wear it. But I got a few calls but she still didn't answer.

"Guess I have no choice then, " I muttered as I place the dress at the bed

I looked at what time it was and immediately set myself up in my chair.

"Shoot! It's already 4! I should be ready now, " I muttered as I got my towel and headed to the bathroom to take a fast bath.

After I bathed I immediately dressed, I should not be late. I touch the soft silk fabric as I look at myself in the mirror. The dress hugged my body it was like, it was made for me. The dress was just hung below in my knee and it has a slit that can see my bare leg.

I looked at the small box, wondering if I would use it or not when my cellphone rang. I look at the caller's ID and it was Damien. Damien is the one who takes care of me since I was alone and don't know what to do in the first place and I am so thankful for it. He is so very kind and a very concern guy.

He is also too good looking and a playboy here in Australia that's why every woman here dreamed him. And every time I saw him in another woman crying in front of him, I always hear coming from his mouth the word "I am a very hard man to please, " I always scold him for not hurting such a woman like that but I am too very tired for saying it again and again. I wish he can already meet the woman who can change him for the better.

I opened the message and smiled.

From: Damien

Hey, sexy I heard that you're the one that would accompany the visitors in my aunt's resto. I would love to give you a ride ;)

To: Damien

Yes, I am and I am nervous right now. Thank you, I'd like too because I can'

get your order so I can already tell our chef?" she said and everyone said their order except me.

"Man, what's yours?" Lian asked at me and all of their attention goes to me...even her.

"Her, " I said as I look at her and she turns pale.



As far as I remembered I had already put Marco's cellphone in a ringtone and why he still hasn't answered yet. When I needed him he was gone.

"Damn that man!" I slammed my fist to the table and throw my phone.


"Hey, dad!? Why suddenly call me here in your office?"... I asked unsure where this heading off is and I should remain my self-calm for his answer.

"No hug and kisses?" my dad asked and I roll my eyes.

"Straight to the point dad, you're making me feel nervous, " I chuckled and took a seat at his couch.

"You, my boy is getting married, " he seriously said that I choked my own saliva.

"w-wait what?! Married? How?"

"You were fixed, " be answered shortly while looking at my eyes like it was just nothing.

"Fixed?! Oh god!! You didn't even consult me? Why are you ruining my life!" I shouted at him.

"Your mother and I already agreed on son, " he said and I stormed out in the room.

I took a big gulp of beer and walk into my room. My room was all messed up as soon as I knew the news. Whomever that bitch I am going to be his husband will taste hell. I'll ruin her life 'till she regrets marrying me.

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