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   Chapter 34 OTHER ROUTE

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 5510

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Being a chef is a hard dream for me because I have no experience at all. So I started to work at a Restaurant called Mariah's Paradise, thankful that I know who's the owner is and I easily got hired.

At first, it was very difficult to get to work because I had to crawl to my own feet. I have no source of income for my needs here in Australia. I chose it and I had to stand up.

"Daughn we have some great guests coming here and I want you to accompany them. This will add your confidence dear and please can you?" Mariah asked me while smiling at me lovingly. She's the owner of this famous restaurant here in Australia, she's a wealthy woman but she stays humble in all the people around here and that's why I love her.

"Yes mam, it's a pleasure that you have chosen me, " I answered as I bow my head but I was surprised when she lifted my chin and smiled at me adoringly.

"You're the one that I would be thankful to have such a sweetheart. Okay so better prepare yourself now for tonight. You may leave now and take a rest and come back here before 5, okay dear?" she stated as she gives me a red box that I frowned.

"What is this mam?" I asked curiously as I eyed the box.

"Marina, I'll be honest now I'm not good at lying, " she let out a giggle.

"Our guest wants you to go with them and they have given this to you. And one of them is the most legible bachelor in Asia and he's famous, " she cut off when someone called her cellphone I wish I could stop her to continue her statement.

"Excuse me Marina but I have to take this important call. See you later and please wear that. Thank you, " and with that,

an call you later, " I said but she refused.

"Not at all. I'm just awake because I have to prepare for tonight's guests, " she said, feeling a little down.

"Don't be so tired of yourself, " I said motherly.

"And by the way, Adam is back, " I said and she remained silent.

"Marina are you still there?" I ask as a minute passed by.

"Yes, mom I'm still here. How is he?" she asked and that's what I love about her, she still cares.

"He's doing well and he said-" I was cut out of my words when she says something that I didn't hear clearly.

"What's that dear?"

"I should prepare myself now Mom because I need to go to the restaurant. I'm sorry and I have to say goodbye but I promise to call you, hello to dad too, " she said and let out a deep sigh as we bid our goodbye's.

"Okay dear, take care of yourself bye."

I am still in hope that everything will be back the way it should be.

"Ohhh I wish Adam makes her came back, " I whispered in the thin air as I placed my phone in the table and took a sit in the metal chair while the wind brushed the hair in my cheeks.

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