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I feel around before I open my eyes. I don't want to see him leave.

I want to wake up that he's gone, that he's leaving. My thoughts hold as someone knocked on the door and immediately opened my eyes as I heard Adam's mother's voice.

"Marina, are you awake? Can I come in?" she asked and I hurried to my bed and noticed that Adam was gone. There was a hidden pain in my heart but I don't want to burst into cry.

"Just a moment, " I replied and immediately got dressed

I grip the doorknob and I greeted my morning.

"I'm sorry and I've been a while, " I apologized and she just waves it.

"That's all right, I know, " she continued to say but just dismissed it and laughed heartedly.

"Did you have a good sleep?" she asked and I nodded my head.

She walks through the balcony and gives me a gesture to follow her and I instantly walk into her direction.



I didn't even bother to say goodbye to her. I couldn't bear to see her eyes that could prevent my departure. It won't take me long. I just said goodbye to mom and dad, I saw sadness and joy in their eyes.


"Adam, can't you be stopped?" asked Mom as she cried.


"I know, I know that this is what you want. But do you still have to leave Marina for that? I mean come on son you'll get married and were not getting any younger anymore. I want to see my son marrying such a woman like her, "she said while wiping her tears away using the back of her hand.

"Lucia hun, Adam does not just run after that, " father said that makes my mother frown in confusion.

"What do you mean?" she asked while giving us both a questioning look.

"Adam wants to be an actor, " he directly said and my mother looks shocked covering her mouth to prevent whining.

"Actor? I mean why? I thought you just want to be a bachelor?" she whispered yelling.

"I'll talk to her son you'll be late on your flight."

"Mom I want to talk to you, " I said as I look at my father and he instantly understands what I meant.

"I'll be at the kitchen, " he said.

Mom and I was the only one left and I started talking to her.

"I can't seem to tell her my goodbye and I wish you would say goodbye to her for me, " I said and she nodded her head understanding me.

"What about the actor thingy Adam? Please answer me now, it curious me now, " she said whispering even though we can't be heard I took a deep breath before answering her I took it slowly till she understands why I want this.

"How long you'll be gone?"

"I signed a contract and it's about a year. A year only mom and I'll be home."

I can't help but stare at her picture on my phone and I smiled at her childish face that I took. I did not sleep that night, no, I can't sleep that night because I'm busy memorizing every detail of her beautiful face. I even took a picture of her while sleep

emory of her and all my feelings for her came back and I want to smack myself for not treating her nice while I'm at Las Vegas. I hated myself from cheating on her from betraying her.

Dear Adam, I'm sorry if I can't tell you this personally.

It hurts me to get to this point and it hurts me to write you a letter, I am so happy for you that you reach your dreams and I don't doubt that you can, you always can. I am so proud of you that you became one of the most top bachelors and now a famous actor.

I am always watching you on TV and I am so proud of you that you reach that kind of dream and you know what's the sad part of it? The sad part of it was I can't tell people that hey that's my love and we will be getting married but I can't, because I saw your interview in the media's and you said you had no girlfriend or woman to came back and you are single and searching for a woman to live with and have a family. I don't even saw your ring in your hand that symbolizes our devotion. Writing this letter is so hard but I need to do this. Do you still remember the day before you left that I would just look at this ring in my hand? Well, I always look at this ring that you gave even though you're not wearing yours, I always reassuring myself that you did not just wear it because you lost it but I'm just fooling myself. I want you to give this ring to the woman that you love most and give importance and please don't hurt her the way you are hurting me now. I left the ring in a small box near the letter. I hope we'll be seeing each other in the future. I wish you the best in your career.

Loving you, Marina

I saw her tears stain the last word in the letter that added mine. I almost did not notice that I was crying too. I want to kill myself for being so selfish and jerk on her. I'll find her. I swear I'll find her and make her come back in my life. I was a fool, I already lost her once and I'm already making it again.

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