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After watching a movie together with them, Marina called me. I wonder why she would call me.

"Marina, " I said as I walk into her direction, she smiled at me and gestured me to sit.

This is going to be a serious and private talk, I may say.

"Why did you call me?"

"Marco, when did you get here?" he asked and I knew where the conversation was going.

"I get what you want to know and to talk about, " I said straightly.

"I'll go straight when Mirana comes home I follow her I also made a way for her to come home and find out what she did.

Remember when you collapsed? I'm the one who helps you and I can't stay any longer because I know that Adam will be coming back soon, " I stated while she was staring at me seriously

"Tell me, Marco, are you the father of my sister's bearing?" she asked and I lowered my head guilty, wait why would be guilty? She deserved it and I'm not taking the child besides I'm not even sure if that was mine.

"I don't know, " I dryly answered.

"How do you not know!" she whispered yelled at me and I know she was holding her anger.

"You can't blame me, she even fooled me not just once but twice, " my voice cracked as I remember what she does to me back when we were a high school

"What are you talking about? Is there anything else I need to know?" she asked pity in her eyes.

"Tell me, " she added while placing her hand to my free hand.

I told her everything between me and Mirana except for one.

"I know it's hard to forgive my sister, but hopefully you'll forgive her one day, " she said, as long as I want to forgive her, my heart and my mind want her to pay and that's a promise.

I did not answer her apology for her sister, I just give her a weak smile.

"So your wedding will be postponed?" I asked about changing the topic.

"Yes, " she answered sadly.

"Don't be sad I know you both will come there at the right time, trust me. I know Adam, " I said reassuring her.

"Call me or email me when the wedding is ready, " I said and she frowned.

"Are you leaving?" she asked and there was hope in her voice.

"Yes, I can't stay here longer my people need me, " I answered and her face was slowly turning into sadness and sorrow. I know she was thinking about her twin that I might go on here but I will get there.

"How about my sister?" she asked and a single tear run down to her cheek and I quickly wipe it away using my thumb.

"Please don't cry, Adam will surely punch me, " I joked to change the atmosphere.

"I'm sorry but I don't know what to do now, I need time and a place to think, but once I had decided I'll assure you that you'll know, " I stated and she starts to smile, a weak smile that doesn't reach her eyes.


shoulder, " I sang quietly as I stroke hand to her cheek

"I'll be love suicide"

"I'll be better when I'm older, " a single tear run down in my eyes and I quickly wipe it away

"I'll be the greatest fan of your life, " I leaned down to her and place a small kiss on her lips

"I'll be back love, I love you, " I whispered in the air as I close my eyes and hold her waist close to me.

Yes, my decision has been made right now but nothing will be lost if I continue whatever my dream was then and I know Marina will understand. I love her more than I ever have in my life and so do my dreams. I'll be back Marina, I'll be back.



I waited for my father to go out of the room as my phone vibrated and I look at the caller's ID.

"Keiro, " I answered the phone in the third ring

"How's the day?" he asks in a bored tone and I guess that's why he called me to reduce his boredom.

"What do you want?" I directly asked and I know he was smirking right now

"Nothing" he answered

"Okay bye" I muttered acting I'll end the call

"Wait! Wait!" he shouted on the other line

"Spill, you're wasting my time"

"Okay I met this girl, no scratch that a boyish girl that's all, " he said shortly

"That's all?" I ask dryly

"Seriously that's all? You call this time just to say that?" I asked plainly, it's 2 in the morning and he just called me for that reason? Idiot

"Yeah that's all, " he said with a throaty chuckle

"I'll be not seeing you for a month or two bro, " I said and I didn't hear a response.


"You'll know someday"

Keiro was about to say something when my father appeared and I decided to say goodbye to him.

I decided to book a flight to Paris to see her. Maybe this is the right time to start what I have wanted to do and no one could stop me.

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