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   Chapter 31 KEIRO

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 5649

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If you're really unlucky I can't even cook. I even gave Manang her day off, how can I eat now? I can't even cook or fry.

"This is frustrating, " I irritably muttered under my breath as I opened the refrigerator.

"This is really frustrating the refrigerator is empty, " I muttered under my breath.

I have no choice but to go grocery shopping and queue for a while and stand for a while.

"This is torture, " I mumbled and get my keys at the table and headed out to the grocery.

The grocery store is not far from the subdivision and I had no trouble finding the parking lot. After I parked the car, my phone suddenly vibrated and I looked at the sender and its babe9 the one whose flavor this month, I don't already remember what her name is Vicky? Venice? Vickata? I don't even care.

From babe9:

Missing you in my bed babe

A smile twitched in my lips as I read the message and I quickly tap the reply button.

To babe9:

Miss me already? I'll be there babe, I'll call you later be prepared.

I tap the send bar and grinned, of course, I will not come back she's not even good at bed. She screams like a pig and it was damn irritating.

When I got to the grocery store I immediately went to the snacks area and vegetable meat area. There is not a lot of people in the cashier so today is going to be a good day. This day agrees with me that I bought meat and decided to buy a steak.

"Miss, how much?" I asked the saleslady who stooped, she wore a red T-shirt and also a red cap. She didn't answer so I repeated my question.

"Hey miss how much is this?" now I just raise my voice and she immediately looks at me. She blinked several times and I k

now each other Dad, " Marco said and they both look surprised at what has Marco said.

"That's great then!"

"Ohhh, by the way, when is the wedding?" Adam's father asked.

"We already talked about this and we decided that I should go we'll be planning our wedding of course and mom would you help us?" Adam said while getting my hand in my lap and interlacing our hand under the table.

"Of course hun I'd love to, " his mother said excitedly.

We ate joyfully at what Adam's mother prepared for us. We talked while we ate until we were finished.

I volunteered to wash dishes but Adam's mom didn't allow me so I decided to talk to Marco.

"Adam, could I have your permission to talk to Marco?" I asked, I know its kinda child to excuse myself but his been acting too jealous.

"Why?" he asked raising his left brow.

"I just want to clarify things privately, " I said and stared at me for a minute and I can't read what's running in his mind.

"Okay, " he said and look at Marco who been sitting at the couch eating ice cream while watching a movie with them.

"Thank you, " I said and we joined at them

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