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   Chapter 30 DREAM VS LOVE

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 9539

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As I get my phone out of my pocket my phone vibrated and I look at the sender and it was Adam. I tap the open and read the message.

From: Bro Adam

"Where are you now?"

To: Bro Adam

'I'm already near bro don't get too much excited, ' I replied and note the sarcasm.

I know that at this time Adam is already telling the whole story between me and Mirana to Marina. She'll be confused at first of course but I know she'll understand. She's too far from her sister, too far.

Is she there? Is she looking for me? Is she okay?

"Fuck stop thinking about her!" I swear under my breath

She deserves that and I think after this, I'll be going back. And let her taste the pain that she causes me.



"You know I already like that lady no scratch that loves her already, " I said to my husband referring to Marina.

"Me too darling, " he answered while giving me the placemats.'

"Adam is lucky to have her, we're lucky to have her, " I said and he just gives me a weak smile.

"Is there something's bothering you, Sebastian?

Tell me and don't you dare lie to me Sebastian, " I muttered and he hands up surrendering himself.

"Hold your canons, Mrs. Freniere, " he said mockingly.

"Tell me, " I said crossing my arms while tapping my foot.

"Okay okay, I just told Adam that his dreams-" he said and I cut him off.

"My! his dreams? Dream to become a successful bachelor of Asia?" I asked and he nods giving me a half-smile.

"What about Marina? Does she know already?" I asked worried about Marina's feelings.

"I don't know, but he'll think about it first, " he answered while placing the plates on the table.

"I hope that Marina would understand whatever will Adam's decision, " I said and my husband just stared at me with a weak smile.

"I hope to my wife, " he answered and we returned on what we are doing'



I stared at Marina who is busy unpacking the clothes that we got and place neatly on the drawer.

'Should I tell her now?' I asked myself and I got the guts to walk to her direction and she looks at me with a beautiful smile on her face her smile that I'll never forget.

I sat down on the bed and she sat beside me. I couldn't look straight into her eyes but I have to overcome it.

I look at her and her eyes were questioning me if there is something's wrong.

I smiled and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"I have something to tell you, love, " I finally said and there is no back-outing now.

"What is it? C'mon don't let me hanging tell me, " she asked and I took a deep breath before opening my mouth.

"When I was young I always wanted to be

I called him Cello every time we work but he just snob me, he doesn't like calling her Cello he likes to call himself Celine.

From Celine:

Girl where are you all ready?

I know her face is so upset that he doesn't want me to wait for him. We were only a few blocks from each other, coming to work each day. I quickly tap the reply and type my message to him.

To Celine:


I quickly pulled my sweatshirt and headed out ready to start a tiry and long day.

As I walk through the streets my thoughts flew on him is he thinking about me too? C'mon Mirana! Don't assume too much I quickly wipe my tears away as I spotted Celine standing at the post frowning at me.

I plastered a smile on him and he just rolled his eyes.

"Girl don't hide your feelings please I know your crying well look at your eyes red, " he said while running a hand to his messy hair.

Even though his gay I still find him as a good looking guy that every woman would fall for him.



We were about to kiss when we heard a soft knock.

"Hey fellows stop the cheesy there now out now let's eat and Marco is here already, " my mom shouted and I quickly replied.

"Okay mom, " I shouted back.

We heard the steps fading and I and Marina burst into a laugh at our sudden kiss.

"Mother has always had the wrong timing huh?" I said between our laugh and she nodded her head.

"C'mon now I'm hungry and I want to taste the food that your mom cooked, " she said and I pulled her waist.

She gasped at my sudden action but she just smiled at me.

"Adam's being cuddly, " she said while giggling.

I nuzzled her neck and I can feel her goosebumps cause me to smile.

"I love you, " I said while planting a small kiss on her neck.

"I love you too Adam, " she replied and took a deep breath.

"I love you most"

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