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Updated: 2020-01-28 12:32

Meanwhile on Mirana's place

"Marco? You here?" I shouted as I entered the living room but no one responds, it seems quite.

I climbed upstairs if he's in there and no Marco anxiety rise on me and I look at his closets.

"All his clothes were here, " as I looked at hi clothes and his things, my eyes landed at the brown envelope I pulled it out I knew I shouldn't intervene in his things but I was just curious about it.

I slowly opened the envelope and was surprised by the paper that had come up to me but could not read it too much because it looked like it was spilled by a coffee.



"Love wake up were here now, " Adam tap me and I slowly opened my eyes and see the surroundings.

"Were here now love you ready?" he asked and I just smiled at him. He got out of the car and opened the door for me.

"Thank you, " I smiled and he held my hand.

"Did you sleep well?" I nod and he chuckled.

"I couldn't believe that you were moaning in the middle of your sleep, " he said and pinched the bridge of my nose causing me to giggle.

"Wait, " I said and he looks at me.

"Don't worry they'll love you and your beautiful today, " he said and place a kiss on my cheeks.

"They're waiting, " he added and we started to walk.

The house was like a mansion a beautiful mansion that speaks wealth and elegance, everything that decorated the house looked expensive. The garden was so beautiful and refreshing in the eyes. We were now standing in the living room while I'm busy roaming my eyes on my surroundings.

"Adam!" a woman shouted upstairs cause me to look at her. She's so beautiful she smiled at us adoringly till she is in front of us.

"Mom she's the one, " Adam said and my heart melted as I heard him says I'm the one.

"Love she's my beautiful mother Lucia, " he added.

my step-brother who is my dad's son. Yes, you heard it right, dad had a son with another woman before he met mom. Marco is now part of the family ", he explained and I just look at him.

"So he knows that-" I said and he cut me off.

"Our school is different, so we didn't know what was going on between us but now he confesses me all the things that happened between him and your sister Mirana", he answered and I was out of words till a question pop out of my mind.

"The father of my sister's child right?" I asked and he nodded and I let out of relief.

"Marco is a good guy love, nothing to worry I know they can solve what problem they have, " he said and I smiled.


Meanwhile in Adam's mind.

I explained to Marina everything and I think she understands all that I had said.

I was very happy and Marina came into my life and I don't want to lose her but I have already decided on what my father had said. I'll go I want to pursue my dreams. I know she can understand me and I wish she can wait for me. I'll promise her that she will be my wife, my love, my everything and the mother of our children.

I was just finding the right time to tell her this I wish she'll let me.

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