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   Chapter 27 STEP BROTHER

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"What's up, bro?" Marco asked while fixing his self.

"Doing fine?" I muttered and I run my fingers through my hair.

"Bro, I know that you and Keiro are friends but why are you two so close with each other?" I asked and I look at him smirking.

"You're jealous?" he mocked.

"You wish, " I muttered and he chuckled.

"From the beginning of our journey, I met Keiro at my University. Do you remember the day I told you that I have a best friend named Rosso?" he stated while looking at me.

"Uhmm yeah? Well sort of, " I answered even I'm not sure.

"Well that's him, " he said and I nodded.

"We need to talk about something, " he added and I look at him questioningly.


"You know Mirana Vaughn Welch?" he asked and I look surprised.

"Why?" I asked plainly.

"She's soon to be my wife I want you to listen to me first before jumping on conclusions, " he stated and I nodded, I can't even say a word.

He told me what had happened to her and Mirana before we had a relationship. He also told me that he was the one who sent the letter to Scott and that he was the father of Mirana's bearing.

As he told me about Mirana I could not help but feel offended and sad, mad for Mirana and sorry for him.

I know him even though our mother is different I have known him since we were young. He was a good student with nothing to gain but his precious books. If you can't find him on campus he is probably in the library with his face immersed in the book. I was just surprised to see his look so different now.

"That's the whole story bro please don't get mad at me, " he said apologetically and I shake my head

"No need to sorry Lil bro, you're always forgiven by your Kuya, " I winked at him and punch him playfully.

"What do you plan next?" I added and he lowered his head his hands formed to fist cause his knuckles to turn white.

m looks at him ridiculously.

"No!" Adam shouted and I smirk at him.

"Toy Story, " he added and my mouth dropped, I thought he would say something nicer but it even gets worse.

"What the!", Marco screamed at Adam.

"Open Season", he shouted at me and I rolled my eyes.

"No! Bugs Bunny!"

"No! Phineas and Ferb!"

"No! Curse you perry the platypus! Spongebob!"

"Enough!" I shouted and they turned silent.

"This is my house, my place, my TV so I choose, Dracula", I said and their faces drop.

"Okay!" they said in unison.

"You two are crazy. You should see the way you acted. Marina and Mirana will gonna be turned off, " I said and they glared at me.

"At least we have woman, unlike you", Adam said challenging me

"I'm enjoying being single, I'm just not ready yet to be tied up, " I grinned.

And before I turn around they hit me with a pillow and before I can even retaliate they've run away. We chase each other inside the living room and throw what we saw.

"Hey don't throw that! That's expensive!" I shouted to Marco and he just laughs at me.

"Whatever dude, as you say a while ago this is your house, your place and we don't care", Adam shouted and Marco smirk they are a headache but I love these idiot guys.

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