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   Chapter 24 LETTER

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 6585

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After we finished our breakfast Adam already left for work.

I am now sitting at our balcony when I suddenly remembered the letter that Mirana wrote. I quickly got up and headed into the living room and get the letter. I went back to the balcony and silently closed my eyes before reading the paper I was holding.

I slowly tore up the envelope and took out the paper in it.

It was folded neatly and my name was written on it, her beautiful handwritten and a single tear fall down on the paper.

I opened the letter and read it slowly

Dear sister, I hated myself for leading us here. I am your sister were twins and we should lean on each other as the other twins do. And as the eldest and you consider yourself an even second person, you still don't differ. I should take care of you, I should be the one holding your hands and hushing you when you are bullied. I should be the one who's making you laugh when you have problems. I should be the one whose comforting you when you are afraid of the lightning and thunder, I should be the one whose helping you with your crushes and playing you with our dolls that mom bought us, instead what did I do? I do the worst for you. Hope you can forgive me, Rina, again, I know how much I ask you to forgive me but I'm willing to do everything you can just forgive me for. I'm sorry I can't tell you this face to face. I have no strength to face you. I wish that someday we will meet or bump with each other and on that day I'll say again what's written in this letter. I love you Marina my twin.

Your sister loving, Mirana

My tears run fluently in my cheeks and I sob cause the letter stained because of my tears. She's still my sister and no matter what, I'll still forgive her.

"I love you too Mir, " I muttered in the thin air wishing that the air would deliver it to my sister.



How I missed this man in front of me Rosso, it's been long years I hav

belly and single tear escape into my eyes and I wipe it away.

"Its okay baby Mommy's here."

"This way Madam, " the lady said leading me into my seat for I said I was not feeling well to search for I am pregnant. And she kindly smiled and led me to my seat.

"Thank you, " I smiled and she returned the gesture.

"Your welcome Madam, do you need anything?" she politely asked.

"I need a glass of water, is that okay?" I answered and she nodded in agreement.

I placed my hand into my belly and silently prayed that everything will be all right and will be solved smoothly. I know it's impossible to think that way I made this, I made my life miserable and hope is all I got. Will Marco still forgive me? Of course, the answer is no.

I was brought out my thoughts when the lady brings what I have ordered.

"Here Madam"

"Thank you, " I smiled.

"Just call me or anyone here if you need anything, necessary Madam, " she said and I nodded, she smiled before turning her heels and walk away.

I hold the necklace that Marco gave me when we are in Brazil silently hoped that he is still there waiting for me.

"Sorry Marco", this time I can't help myself to cry and place my hand in my mouth to prevent any noises that can get any attention till my eyelids closed and I found myself asleep.

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