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   Chapter 23 OPEN ARMS

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 6704

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I am so grateful that Adam still loves me despite everything but I have this feeling that he knows something, but I push the thoughts away and focused on the present.

I yelp when a pair of hands grip my waist.

"Bit nervous love?" he asked and I gasped as he nibbled my ear.

"Adam stop I'm cooking, " I giggled as it was too ticklish, my heart warmed when he called me love as an endearment.

He didn't even budge to stop instead he continued what he was doing. I prevent myself from laughing for he will not stop and act to be serious.

"Adam I'm cooking, sit there and behave, " I said and I was surprised that he obeyed immediately. I look at him and a laugh burst out of my mouth for he was pouting and he looks cute and adorable.

He pulled the chair and took a seat and I can tell that he is now being childish. He looks at me with puppy eyes and I burst out laughing and he joined me.

"Stop acting like a puppy it's not cute."

"Love you can't resist my charm, " he chuckled and winks me.

"Not cute at all, " I blushed when he winked at me and I don't want him to see me go red so I lowered my head and get my attention unto what I am cooking.

"Ohhhhhh is that so? So why are red as a tomato? Don't force yourself to be serious love, I love how I make you blush, " he said teasingly.

"Enough of the flirt, here's the breakfast lets eat, " I said as I place the plate and utensils.

Adam cleared his throat cause me to look at him.

"Love can I ask you something?" he asked and I nodded.

"I already told my mom that we are going on there house and she wants to meet you, my soon to be wife, " he said as he gets my hand and gently squeezes it I began to get nervous.

"Don't get nervous I'm always by your side, please? I want you to meet them already" he added and a smile formed in my lips.

"Will they gonna like me?" I thought to myself thinking what will I'm gonna suppose to act and to behave. I haven't even seen his parents I think of their f

fool! Where are you? why now you just thought to call me you fucking asshole, "I shouted and I heard him again laugh.

Seriously? T

Hat's all he can say? Laugh at me how I miss this geek.

"Still didn't change huh"

"Could you open this door of yours so I can enter, " he stated and I quickly rushed to the door and opened it and there he was grinning at me while holding his phone into his ear.

"Miss me?" he again asked and I embraced him with a hug and he returned the gesture.

"I think we should go inside, " he said and I chuckled and let him enter

He comfortably sits on the couch and gestured me to sit with him and it looks like I'm the visitor of my own house.

"Whoooo you had changed?" I asked and this asshole just gives me an insulting smirk he did change because of that bitch.

"Don't look at me like that Ross your drooling am I that hot?" he jokingly said and I tossed him the pillow near me and he chuckled.

"Between the two of us, you know that I'm the hottest one, " I stated and he snorted.

"How are you?" he asked and I can tell that something was not right on his tone even though years gone passed I still know neither when he has a problem nor somethings bothering him.

"Fine here man how bout you?"

"I don't know, " he answered and I got intrigued.

"You can tell me, Marco"

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