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   Chapter 22 SWEAT OF LOVE

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 6225

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I watch her sleep and stroke a hand into her flawless cheeks. She's so beautiful inside and out and I am so happy that I have her yes I know that this would come. I know it already coming. It takes how many days before I recovered after knowing the truth.

I admit, that every time I saw her face, her presence on me, anger rose on me for their betrayal but you can't blame me I'm already starting to fall on her I'm starting to love her no I am now loving her that's the perfect word to say.

I remember when I was a child I was at their house, Mirana excuses herself to prepare some snacks for us and I was so impatient to show her my surprise and I walk to their kitchen when a girl catches my eyes she looked nervous at seeing me and her hands started fidgeting, I grab her hand and it was so soft and smooth. Her hands were warm and she struggled to escape. I was so shocked at that moment the way she acted it's so weird, odd and I found myself deep in thinking.

I know this is already coming.


"Hey, Scott why did you call me?" I asked as I sit comfortably and lift my feet to the glass table.

"Keep off your feet please, " he muttered as he placed a cup of coffee and a folder in the table.

"Open it, " he added referring to the folder.

I frowned but I opened the folder and read silently the writings on it. I slowly read every detail until it sinks to my mind. I can't believe what I read.

"Ho-how did you know this?" I asked still looking at the papers I was reading at.

He shrugged and I give him a confused look.

"I didn't do any research on her background I was planning to but I have this urgent client that I have to handle with when this brown envelope with a folder inside placed in my table. I asked someone of my stuff who leave a folder at my office and they just answered me that there was a

e and pinch her little nose.

"Adam" she giggled and stared at me in the eyes.

"Are you not mad at me?" she asked and I can hear the pain on her voice.

I smiled and snake my arms into her waist and pulled her closer to my chest.

"You know I did, " I answered and she bit her lower lip and lowered her head.

I lift her chin using my thumb.

"Don't bite your lips like that I should be the one who's doing that, " I chuckled.

"Yes I get mad, you can't blame me you lied, " she started sobbing and I hush her and embrace her tight.

"Adam I'm so sorry I didn't mean-"

"Shhhh it's not your fault just let me finished first. Look at me love, " I said and she turns to face me.

"I love you no matter what I love you just the way you are, I love you because you are Marina and not Mirana. Remember this love the ring in your finger symbolizes my love on you, your the one who makes me happy and loved just look at this ring and remember what I had said, " I said and a single tear run on her cheeks and I wipe her tears using my thumb and gently kiss her in the lips.

"I love Adam, " she said and cuddled me.

"I love you too love, " I answered and kissed her hair.

"Now go to sleep, " I added and I felt her nod.

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