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I groaned as I felt my head throbbing in pain. I haven't eaten yet and how did I get into my bed? I glance at the clock saying its 12:30 in the afternoon.

My eyes landed on the table next to me there was a glass of water and a plate of pancakes with chocolate syrup. My stomach growled in greedy and I quickly get the fork and dig the mouthwatering pancakes to my mouth.

I close my eyes as I taste the pancakes it was so delicious and suddenly I stop chewing when a question pop in my head.

"Who cooked this?" I muttered under my breath.

"Did Adam made this? is he already forgiving me?" I pulled the blanket and rush to the door to search Adam in the living room. I roamed my eyes and Adam was no insight, I walk to the kitchen wishing the presence Adam would be there but nothing. The room was quiet and I'm all alone. Just as I was taking a step. I heard an engine of a car and excitement rose into me for I know it was Adam, but anxiety rise on me for I don't know what to do and to say to him.

I heard the door opens and a tall handsome man entered.

"Adam, " I said as I bow my head waiting for him to scream at me but instead I was shocked at his moves.

He snakes his arms into my waist and whispered into my ear that sent shivers through my spine.

"I'm sorry I'm so sorry Marina, " he whispered huskily into my ear and he pulled me closer to his chest and hug me tightly.

"Adam, " my voice crack and I sob into his shoulders. He intertwined our hands and lifts my chin and not I am facing him.

"Hush now don't cry, I don't like to see you cry, it makes my heart shattered, " he says and his blue piercing eyes filled with lust and desire.

I could not speak. His face seemed to swallow me as if I were slowly melting away.

"Be mine, " he said full of passion in his eyes.

Before I could answer him, he lifted me into his arms causes me to squeak and I suddenly recover when he kisses me and I nearly whimpered adoringly. I wrapped my leg

tongue and how it came out from his mouth.

He rubbed circled my core and I cried out softly when his thick finger dipped into my core.

"So wet for me and fuck you're so tight, " he muttered huskily as he expertly rubbing the length of the slit of my mound.

He pushes his finger fast and hard and I whimpered in satisfaction before taking away his hand. I groaned as for I was not satisfied and he looks at me smugly, I gasped when he was fully inside of me, he started pushing inside me and I felt a little bit of pain and faded with such a great pleasure.

Then his rhythm increased and I circled my legs into his waist and started to meet his every thrust. I moaned at his name and panted until I felt a hot liquid poured into mine. He kissed me gently and I was catching my breath in time as he thrust me one last time and we both got our climax and explode before he moved out at the mine.

He embraces me with a hug and kisses me one last time.

"I love you, Marina, " he said before closing his eyes.

"I love you more Adam, " I answered as I touch his face and peck a kiss on his lips. A smile slid onto his lips and he opens his left eye.

"I love you most now sleep love, " he stated and pulled me into his chest I bore my face to his neck and sniff his mint perfume till my eyelids fall into sleep.

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