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   Chapter 20 TRUTH

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 5969

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I silently watched them fight and anger raise on me. How could Mirana do that to her sister? She's just thinking of herself, a selfish brat.

I watched Adam as he gets to his car furiously and Mirana was catching to him and get into his car. Adam started the engine and drove off till they are no longer at my sight.

My hands formed into a fist, I look at Marina who is kneeling on the floor and sobbing. She was about to stand up when she outbalanced herself and collapse on the floor. I quickly run to the door for it was open and hurriedly pick her up like a bridal style. She winced as I pick her up and a single tear run on her flawless cheeks.

I can feel her pain as I feel what Mirana had done with me. I lay her in the soft mattress bed slowly she mumbled a word that I can't clearly understand, I tucked a loose hair in her ear. She's much beautiful than Mirana I know that they are a twin but Mirana is just so different than Marina.

I roamed my eyes in the room; it was painted in cream and white simple yet elegant looking. I walk near the table where the picture frames are properly lined. After I look at the pictures I decided to get a glass of water for Marina if she ever is awake.

I place the glass of water in the table and I cooked also pancakes for her and place a little note saying "eat".

After I write the note, I took a last glance at Mirana and headed out I know she'll be okay.



I do not know why I left and let Mirana now Marina, I am perplexed by what is happening.

"Adam, " the woman next to me speaks.

I didn't reply instead I focus on the road not bothering to look at her.

"I'm Mirana, " she muttered and I can feel her stares.

"If you are Miran

d I know he is looking for you too, " I whispered in her ear and she nodded in agreement.

"Do you love her?" she asked to cause me to face her.

"Yes, I love her not because you are here and not because she pretended to be you. I love her just the way she is and I am thankful that she got into my life. I will still gonna marry her, " I stated honestly and she just smiled.

"Thank you for loving her I don't deserve you but she deserve you, you are both deserve each other. I wish you both the happiness and again I'm sorry, " she said as she held my hand.

"Take care of her and tell her how sorry I am, someday our destinies will collide and I wish to have a strength to face her that day. I hated myself blaming her and-" her voice cracked and started crying.

"Shhhh it's okay now, " I said as I embrace her with an embrace.

We stayed there for a while till she feels better and we decided to go. She decided to book a flight to Paris and go back to Marco.

She couldn't face her sister yet but she sent a letter to Marina.

I have to apologize to her, I have to go back to her. I hurriedly get my car and headed to the house. I still do love her despite everything.

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