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   Chapter 18 MIRANA'S STALKER

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 5802

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She finally said, she's finally going to be my wife, great and a loving mother to our children, my lover, and my life.

I was shaking nervously as I waited for her to answer me, I was so nervous that she may say no, I waited for her to respond when I'm beginning to lose my hope when she suddenly opens her mouth and a word yes came out.

I'll promise that I will take care of her till we are old. I will love her infinity she's my everything and my life.

She's mine and only mine.

I should call my mother and introduce her. I promised myself that I would only introduce the girl in front of my parents who will I'm marrying. And I guess this is the time, I quickly pulled out my phone from my pocket and dialed the number.


"Adam! Oh God, how I miss you so much! I thought you already had forgotten me, " she said in pain

"Sorry Mom for not calling you these days, but I have good news to you and I hope you'll be glad about it, " I stated with a smile in my face.

"Ohhh tell me, tell me quick. What is it?" she hyper asked and I chuckled at my mother's eagerness.

"Calm down mom, I'm getting married and I want you to meet her, " I said in a serious tone.

She didn't answer cause me to frown.

"Mom are you still there?" I asked and I slightly heard her sobbing.

"Yes honey I'm still here, I'm just- I'm just so happy for you that finally you found the one and you are going to introduce us your soon to be wife, " A smile slipped in my lips as I heard the word the one.

"Yes she's the one and I can't wait to introduce her to you and please mom when we are there don't make me feel embarrassed to her front, " I said in a throaty chuckle.

I know that she was holding her laugh and


I look at him and he is doing the same, I jump when suddenly my phone ring. I look at the screen and it was from my private investigator.

When I was looking at the man who was looking at me all of a sudden, he suddenly lost his place and the cellphone ring I was holding was stopped immediately. I quickly texted my investigator to ask why he'd called. I took a last glance at the window before going back to my couch.

"I think I need to fag, " I muttered as I took a stick of cigarette in the table.

I couldn't help but wonder who that man was. Even though he was wearing glasses, I knew he was looking at me in the eyes that I couldn't breathe and couldn't move.

My phone blink and a message pop up on the screen it was my private investigator.

From: Private

Sorry for the missed call, my finger slipped to your name.

I replied to him saying it's okay and ask if there is anything news? And within a minute he replied nothing new.

I didn't realize that I was sobbing I quickly wipe my tears but I can't help myself bursting in pain. I covered my face with my bare hands and continue to cry letting out the pain in my heart.

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