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   Chapter 17 THE PROPOSAL

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 5915

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I was very comfortable with the company of Keiro he told me the childhood stories of Adam that I didn't know. I was laughing at the same time, Keiro was acting the behavior of Adam in his childhood they were so close and I can see that.

Keiro left me to see Adam but before he left he said something to me that made my heart skip a beat.

"Adam loves you with all his heart, after your loss his life was miserable he drunk all day, he has a short temper and he always yells at me whenever I call him on the phone, of course I know what's happening with him even though I'm outside. Adam decided to take a new woman in his life but he ditches every woman that passes him cause he only wants you, just you Mirana.

He love's you and please don't do that again, I want to see him happy again in his normal life. You know when you came back in his life, he was so happy and his face was lightened up like he was the happiest man living in the world, " he said in a serious tone looking straight into my eyes and I didn't notice that there was a tear running through cheeks.

"Don't cry please, Adam will punch me for making you cry, " he said and I laugh at his statement. I smiled as I remember what Keiro had said but it was disappeared when my sister runs in my mind.

"Not now Marina please, let yourself love Adam just for tonight", I said to myself and abruptly I heard a music play and in front of me, there was Adam, standing with a mike in his hand. He stared at me like through my soul and I smiled at him.

"Sweetheart this song will I'll be singing is just for you, every line I'll be singing is fit for you", he said as the music start on, my tear rolled fluently in my cheeks in his statement, I can't help myself to get emotional and

se words I'm keeping for all those years.

He smiled and gives me a peck in my lips.

"I love you more, " he answered and he hugged me tightly and kiss me

"The greatest fan of your life, " Keiro cleared his throat causing us to turn our gaze at him

"Get a room please, " he groaned loudly and we burst into a laugh

"Whatever, " Adam said as he wrapped his hand into my waist.

"Can I ask?" Keiro asked and Adam and I nodded in unison.

"Is my voice excellent?" he asked out of the blue and we started laughing.

"I'm a dead-serious man, " he stated in a serious tone

"You're good in singing Keiro, " I said and his face lightened up.

"Well I can do this to whom I'm gonna propose with, " Keiro said and took a plate.

We again kiss and look in our eyes.

"You're beautiful, " he said his eyes were locked on mine

"Thank you gorgeous, " he chuckled and kisses me and now it was deeper

"I don't want to be an uncle yet!, " Keiro shouted in the corner.

The night went lovely and I look at the ring in my finger asking do I deserve this? Should I tell him the truth?

Out of nowhere, they were a pair of angry eyes watching them in the corner.

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