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PARIS 4:00 am

I decided to book a flight to the Philippines where Marina is, my plan changed. As my private investigator emailed me the other background of Adam that I didn't know from the start.

I didn't bother texting Marina on how it is going there and telling her I will come back. I want her to be bad in the eyes of Adam, I want Adam to hurt her.

Yes, I may be rude to my twin but you can't blame me she's the one should be blamed why our mother and father died.

If she does not beg them to go with her in that shitty party, they would not die for no purpose. I didn't go with them because I have an important thing to do and I got lazy for coming to a party so they go to the party without me.

When they are about to come home their car got crashed and only Marina survive in that crashed. Our father died on the spot while our mother was dead on arrival.

Only me and Aunt Emily were left in the house when we receive a call from the police saying that my parents died in a car crashed and only my sister survived.

Aunt Emily cried on what she had heard she told me what happened for she knows that I'll be asking for it and I deserve to know the truth. By the time I heard my Mom and Dad died and only Marina had survived, anger flashed on me.

I suddenly remember why my Aunt slaps me with all her force for what I have said due to my anger as the tears rolling down to my cheeks.

"Mother! Father! Why did you leave us at a young age? Marina! you should be the one to blame, if you didn't bother taking them to a party they will not be dead, I'd rather want you to die than THEM!" I shouted and I felt a harsh slap landed to my face that echoed the room, I knelled down from the force she'd give from the slap making my cry for more.

"How earth you can say that to your sister, to your TWIN sister huh!? Mirana! No one wants this, No one!! We should even thank God for she is alive. If your mother and father see this, they will be not pleased with your behavior, selfish child!"

Tears rolled down as I remember those memories but I harshly wipe my tears away.

"I shall not be weak, " I gritted in my teeth.

Adam is the one I should be thinking; I should better go before its too late.

Adam is one of the most bachelor millionaires and I am not going to slip this through my hands.

I am living Marco for this sake, I love him but he can't give me what I want. I don't know what happened but when I saw the pictures of Mirana and Adam happily with each other I got jealous. I want Adam back and its time for me to go.

Marco is not here, yet he messages me that he will be getting be late for a sort of a thing and I know what it is, his business.

I pack my clothes in my travel bag and get the necessary things I need and not bothering to look back as I headed out.



I watch her walking and waiting for a cab. The woman I adored most and loved is now the woman that I disgust the most in the world. My plan works so well in my hands and she bites it. The day that I left for a called thing meeting that I just act is the day that my plan started.

All of my business was fine and growing a lot of branches, and I just fake the chart that she saw from her computer. She hired a private investigator and what a clever woman to choose an investigator that is secretly working for me.

I talk to that investigator to take that job and tell me what she ordered to him. And I guess destiny is agreeing with me.

I look at her face her flawless skin her angelic face that opposite into her personality.

I still love her until now even she broke my heart twice.

I hated myself with that I hated my heart for screaming her name, again and again, feeling the pain that she brought to me a few years ago.

I hated my brain for thinking her again and again by the hour, minutes nor seconds. I hated her for not saying she's pregnant that I am the father of the one she's carrying. But right now I should stick into my plans.

I saw her got a cab till the cab lost at my sight and I got the sign to leave for my flight too. Well to see the drama started.

m. I heard the sound of her heels going down from the stairs. She was breathtaking on her dress, she's so beautiful this is my woman my everything from now.

Her flawless skin and her angelic face smiled at me making my heart melt. The way she blushes on my words, she's so innocent and that's why I love her more.

"Your breathtakingly beautiful, " I said as I look at her beautiful eyes, giving her the rose I got for her. She blushes as she gets the flowers I so wanna take her luscious lips in mine.

"Thank you and you don't look too bad for yourself."

"Let's go before I can take you in our room, " I whispered on her ear and I feel her body tense and I smirk.

"What if I postponed this date?"

"Adam, " she pouted and I can't help myself to kiss her hungrily.

"Kidding, I've effort for this date that can wait, " I said referring to the lovemaking.

She blushes harder causing me to chuckle.

I opened the door for her in the car and thank me.

"Where were you taking me?" she asked excitedly.

"It's a secret sweetheart, " I chuckled as I hear her groaned this is the tenth time she's asking me where will I take her.

"Don't be mad. It's a surprise, " I smiled at her and she returned the gesture.

"Okay, here we are, " I said as I open her door giving my hand.

She gasped as she saw the lights that Keiro made I should owe him a big one. My hands were starting to sweat as this is on my cue now.

"Shall we?" I asked and she nods.

"This is beautiful Adam, thank you, " her eyes spark as she looks at me.

"You're much beautiful, " I replied causing her to bow her head and blush, she's so cute. I lift her chin so our eyes meet and I smashed my lips into hers.

She moaned my name as I deepened the kiss more and hold her waist closer to mine she trailed her hands to my neck then to my hair and tugged causing me to moan. She opens her mouth and I slid my tongue on her and she even more tugged and deepens the kiss while saying my name.

"Get a room you two!" Keiro shouted in front of us.

I can see the face of Mirana is now burning in red.

"Shut up your just jealous 'cause you don't have one, " I smirk and he just snorted.

"Keiro will take care of you a minute I'll just go get something, " I smiled at her and she nodded while returning the gesture.

Keiro assists her in her chair where she can see me propose to her. And they started talking comfortably with each other. My heart was pounding fast as I took the microphone and get the ring in my pocket.

"You will be my wife, " I said as I look at the ring in the box.

"You ready?" Keiro asked in nowhere and I just nodded in agreement.

"How's she?" I asked.

"She doesn't know anything so you ready man? Because I'm starving I need to chill in your Jacuzzi, " he chuckled sheepishly.


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