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   Chapter 13 SHE HAS A TWIN

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 6985

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After eating we went straight to a well-known Luxury Mall. I don't know why he even brought me here.

"What are we doing here?" I asked him.

"Shopping?" he mocked.

I smack a punch at his shoulder cause him to twist in pain.

"Is my punch that hard? You're overreacting Adam."

"You're hurting your husband and that's not good, " he said.

"For your information mister, you're not my husband, " I said to cause him to frown and that makes me laugh.

"Yet, " I added.

He gripped me tighter cause me to frown.

"Adam?" I asked.

"Read the warning, " he said as he points the signage in the wall.

Warning: Watch for and treasure up the important things you have.

"I should hold you tight, " he said as he holds my hand tighter. My heart skips a beat when he looks at me his eyes were full of passion and desire.

My heart squirms in pain for I know that it was only for Mirana, his eyes, love, and desire is only for Mirana and not for me. I am here to pretend to be her.

I wasted so much time, I had to do what was asked of me or just tell her the truth. He deserves to know the truth.

"Mirana you okay?" he asked worriedly.

"Y-yes, " I weakly smiled at him feeling pain.

Adam was talking to a man in the jewelry shop and based on his appearance he speaks wealth but his face is like an old loving grandfather.

He wore simple yet elegant trousers and a black coat he looked at the right shoulder of Adam where he can see me through and smile warmly. I returned the gesture.

And they both shake their hands and bid their goodbyes. The man waved at me saying goodbye and I just bow my head.

Adam smiled as he walks into my direction and his smile is full of delight his eyes were sparkling with happiness.

"Who's that?" I asked.

"A friend, " he answered holding my hand.

"What did you two talked about?" I asked confusedly.

"For now it's a secret, " he said as he kisses my knuckles.

I smiled at his sweetness I hated myself for loving him it's not right for this is Adam, Mirana's Adam.


my child is studying there too. She told me what happened between you and Mirana. That girl's behavior is very different from that of her twin. But somehow that boy also has a hidden good. But if you mean Mirana, she has warned me that 'you can't come in because she doesn't want to see you. I would love to let you enter but-" I cut off her speech.

"Manang Letie did you say, twin? She has a twin?" I curiously asked.

"Why son?" she was cut off when somebody shouted and I know it was Mirana. She even tried to change her voice but I know it's her.

"Manang! Closed the gate already! It's already past in the evening we don't accept visitors anymore!" she shouted like an old grumpy woman.

"Oh Iho, it looks like her. Sorry, just visit tomorrow, " she apologized sympaticaly.

"It's alright manang I understand. Sorry for disturbing you, " I said as I bid my goodbye.


Be careful going home, " she smiled warmly before closing the gate.

I was already driving when I remembered what Manang Letie said.

"She has a twin. As far as I remember she hadn't opened a topic about her sister and I don't see her in the school. I'm going to find an answer, " I said as I look at the picture of her it was framed and displayed in front. I turned it down because I don't want to see it.

And now I already know where is your twin Mirana. I will take back the pains you gave me.

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