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   Chapter 12 MEANING

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BRAZIL 2:30 am

I was sitting under the tree watching the children as they play together with their parents. I looked at the sky that is so peaceful, the leaves that is slowly falling into the ground, and the wind that is solemnly touching my skin and waving some of my hair.

I closed my eyes as the tears were freely falling into my cheeks. I heard some footsteps coming into my direction, I didn't bothered opening my eyes for I know that it is him. He laid down in the grass and grab me. He placed me into his chest. I look at him and my heart skip a beat, he looked at me with full of love in his eyes. He smiled and kiss me gently in the forehead.

"Your parents huh!, " he said while brushing my hair.

I didn't replied but I just took a deep breath.

"They love you, trust me, " he said softly.

I don't know but I suddenly want to believe in his words.

"I love you, " I can't believe that it was came from my mouth but I don't regret those words.

His eyes sparkled with happiness and embrace.

"I love you too more than you'll ever know, Mirana."

I instantly awoke up by that dream; my pillow is soaking with tears. I don't know that I was crying.


"Sorry, please forgive me, " I said softly as I look at the glass window.

"Mirana, " Marco calls me waking up from sleep.

"Are you crying?" he added.

"I just remembered someone, " I said not looking at him.

"Who?" he asked intrigued with my statement.


"Kid? What about him?"

"Nothing, don't mind me. Sorry if I awake you, go back to sleep now, "I said smiling at him.

"Okay. You too go back to sleep, it's been a tiring day you need to have a lot of sleep Mirana, " he said.

The way he says my name I always hear the voice of Kid from him.

"It's just a voice Mirana no big deal, " I thought from myself.

I went back to sleep but Kid's face left my mind.



Philippines 6:00 am

I woke up early and immediately remembered a news story I had read in the newspaper yesterday. The news content is all about Marco being a very wealthy business man in the industrial world. It also states the marriage of a young man who became controversial because of a mysterious woman.

But the media did not disclose the name of the young woman's bride, but I know it was my twin

see him look mad.

He looks at me with fierce in his eyes that make me scared.

"Why did I even pick your dress?" he said sternly that makes me frowned.

"Huh? Adam I don't get you, " I asked nervously.

"Every man in here are looking at you and I hate it. Even that waiter makes my blood boil, " he said angrily.

I just laugh cause him to frown.

"Why are you laughing?"

"You're too cute when your angry and jealous, " I said while giggling.

"Ohh, you think it's funny huh!"

"No, no, no, " I said as I stop myself at laughing again.

"Then what?" he spat.

"Are you jealous?" I asked hiding my smile in my lips.

He didn't reply instead he turn his head into other direction.

"Adam, " I sang.

"Yes, " he said looking at my eyes with full of desire.

I swallowed my lump on my throat he sent shivers down my spine.

"Happy now?" he said smirking.

I felt like I was blushing.

"Don't bite your lip or else I will be the one who will bite that."

The waiter guided us to our reserved seat. and I was surprised to find so much food prepared at the table that we had not yet ordered

"Wait we didn't ordered yet, " I muttered under my breath.

" It seems like you're not used to it, but it's always like this whenever we eat here."


We eat our food silently until Adam read a quote in the tissue paper.

"Better to cry with the truth, than to be comforted with a lie, " he said looking at me.

I was suddenly startled by his words

He smiled at me.

"Lets eat the food is delicious, " he said as he look at me.

I can't read his eyes what he meant but please not what I am thinking.

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