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   Chapter 11 KID

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 8987

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Marco's POV

"We found her Sir."


"What shall we do Sir?"

"Know her background and where she's now living, " I said as I put down the phone.


I was looking for a book in the library when someone called me by my nickname.

"Hey kid!"

I turned my heels to see who is calling me and my heart beat fast. It was her, the one whom I admired here in the campus.

"Y-yes?" I was stammering.

"I was kinda need some help and maybe you could help me. Please!" she bit her lower lip.

I gulp as I see her bit her lip and I admit it was very sexy when she does it. She snaps her finger at me.

"Can you help me?" she pouted.

"Y-yeah of-of course. What c-can I help?" I hated myself as I look nervous in front of her.

"It's Calculus and I can't understand some of the problems. I have my homework with me and maybe can you answer this for me?"

"Wh-when do you exactly need it ?" I asked.

"Uhm, tomorrow perhaps, " she said.

"O-okay, " I absentmindedly replied.

"Yey! so where can I find you tomorrow?" she squeaked.


"Hey Vaughn! Let's go! Were running late for our practice! Ohhh, looks who's with Vaughn its the geek guy! Hey, geek can you do my home works too?!" friends of her shouted and they all laugh.

"Sorry for my friends but don't worry I'll give them some of my words, " she apologized and that's why I fall for her she's not like the other girls that they'll just gonna befriend you because they want anything but she's different than I thought.

"It's okay I'm used to it."

She bid her goodbye and run to her friends who waited her.

"Oh girl! you nailed it!" they shouted.

She waves me for the last time and I wave her my goodbye too. I can't stop myself smiling for no reason that's why people look at me ridiculously but I ignored them.

"How's your day going Nero?" Rosso asked.

Rosso is my best of friends. We just made our names, Nero stands for black and Rosso stands for red. We understand on our own ways. Rosso is one of the wealthy people in this campus because in a young age he is already handling their company but he chooses to study first before going to a complicated life. We were both the same stand in our life. Soon, I will be handling our company but only Rosso knows that I am the grandchild of this school and have a powerful family. I don't want to vulgar who I am that's why I keep it a secret and asked a favor to my grandpa to keep this a secret 'till I'm ready and even he is not in favor with, he finally agreed.

"Great!" I said as I opened my locker while smiling.

"What's with the smile Bro? Its kinda gay, " he laughs slamming the side of my locker cause people

ed firmly.

"Don't blame me if I did not warn you, " he said and walk away not even glancing.

It was Monday and I got intrigued when the entire student's rush into the gymnasium. Everybody was looking at me till I was in the gym they all step back as I walk in their path, they all look at me with disgust on their faces and laugh. Till I was the only one standing at the center of the gym, my eyes roamed at the people who are laughing and gossiping my name.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, here in front of us the ambitious, geek, freak and a feeler to have Mirana Vaughn Welch to be his so called girlfriend, " after that people laugh wildly.

"And here is the video and pictures that is patiently waiting for her girlfriend and look at his face. Pitiful!"

"Yeah!" they all agreed.

"I know right, " she laughs.

"And now to complete this romantic show let us welcome Mirana Vaughn Welch! The best actress!" they all screamed, whistled and clapped their hands.

I cannot believe that she is just playing and fooling me, after all this year. I got played in her game. My heart squirms in pain seeing her smirking at me. I don't care if people disgust and trash me but not Mirana, she's my life my everything. My world flipped over.

"You! You actually waited for me. You actually believe in my words?" she laughed wickedly.

"Well dream on Kid!" she added and all people screamed.

I stoop down my knees and tears are falling fluently in my face. I don't care if they all see me in this image.

"You're joking right? Is this kind of a prank?"

"No. I'm. Not. Mister, " she said and left leaving me in that scene. They all throw me whatever they want and some other punch and kick me. I don't even fight back, I cannot feel pain anymore than the pain she already gives me.

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