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   Chapter 10 MIRANA MARINA

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 6399

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"Please Marina I'm begging you, please go to my place. Pretend to be me. But don't you dare fall in love with him, I don't want him to know that I have a twin!" she said.

"I can't, " I pleaded.

"Pretend to be me! If you won't, I am not going to think twice to kill you Marina! Understand! I will kill you!"

"Mir!" I found my forehead wet with sweat because of a bad dream, reason to wake up Adam.

"Mirana nightmare?" he asked as he hug me.

I nodded at his question.

"Everything is gonna be alright. I'm here, hush now. What did you dream about? Can you tell me?" he asked that suddenly give me shivers.

"It's just a nightmare. Lets g-get back t-to sleep, " said as I lay myself in the bed and pull the blanket. He didn't ask question instead he stayed in silence while hugging me.

"No more nightmares now, " he said as he kisses my forehead.

I never slept in that dream. It was morning when I looked out the window, it's already 6:00 am in the morning. He sounds asleep and tired, he didnt find time to rest.

I feel so sorry for Adam added more there is the absence of my sister that supposedly should be here. What if I work? I think I can keep practicing 'till I can and just do my best.


"Okay what shall I cook for now?" I said as I look at the refrigerator.

" The stock is about to run out I think I need to make a list to buy necessary things and food before going to have a grocery.



"It's already morning?" I said as I yawn, I look at my side to see if Mirana is still sleeping but she's isnt their anymore.

'Nightmare, what do you think it is Adam?' I asked to my self.

I headed to the closet to prepare my suit to wear this morning when I suddenly saw a well prepared suit layed in the small bed. And I saw a

pointment, " she said.

"I don't care. They can wait and I insist, " I stated while staring at her beautiful face.

"Okay if you insist, my Lord, " she mocked.

After we ate our breakfast we fix our self and headed out.

"The suit looks good on you, " she said.

"Thanks sweetie this is your pick. You're blooming on your dress, " I said admiring at her.

She didn't replied but just blushed.

While were in the road, I observed her silence. Shes quite and simple not the Mirana I know anymore. Maybe she changed a lot after two years. Adam what's wrong with you? She is Mirana, your Mirana.

"Stop the car, " she said.

"Here? Market?" I asked confusedly.

"Why yes, it's affordable, " she replied.

"Seriously you can?" I asked I just can't believe that she is going into the market. She doesn't like to walk in crowded places especially when there are so many people because she always likes to go at the mall to shop for the things we need.

"Of course I can so goodbye now. Take care okay?" she said as she opens the door.


I didn't waited for her reply and just kiss her deeply.

"You take care of yourself okay?" I said as I kiss her again.

"I will, " she smiled.

Why do I have this feeling that she is not the Mirana I know?

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