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   Chapter 8 TREATMENT

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 7453

Updated: 2020-01-24 13:57


2:00 am

I could not sleep because of the very fast events. I'm afraid that if I close my eyes it will just become a dream. She's here in my arms, embracing me. I can't help myself but to just stared into her face and peck a kiss on her swollen lips.

"I've loved you the moment I laid my eyes on you, I know that moment that you are mine, only mine. You're making me crazy, " I said as I trailed my hands to her hair, I love this woman so much that it makes me crazy just a thought of her.

My phone vibrated after I pull the blanket to her. I glanced at the time that saying 2:20 in the morning. I answered the phone call without glancing at the caller ID.

"Adam, " answered in the second line.

"Why did you call Keiro?" I straightly asked.

"Wow, man is that how you great a friend of yours?" he chuckled in the second line.

"Well we should get going unto our deal because I will be leaving tomorrow due to an emergency, " he added.

"Emergency, " I frowned with what he had said. It hasn't even been a week then he will leave again.

"Yes. My father needs me to his company but I will not gonna stay longer there, " he replied.

"Okay so what time are we gonna meet?"

"That's why I called. Right now, I'm here at the Cleff Bar."

I give a deep sigh because its too early for a meeting and I don't have enough sleep this past few days.

"Okay. Give me 30 minutes, " I answered as I ended the call not waiting for his reply.

I carefully left the bed to keep her sleep. I guess my 30 minutes I said to him will gonna turn into hour. I need to take a bath first to freshen up my mind for another day.

After I fix myself I looked at Mirana who is sleeping soundly and leave a note saying, 'I have a meeting and I'll be right back. Your breakfast is served in the kitchen.'



6:40 am

The sun was shining on me. I observed first the room and I remembered that I am not in my room. My core felt sore when I try to move. I remember what happened last night and when I looked at my side, he was gone. I found a sticky note in


I was in the shower when I recalled what she had said. I know she doesn't know how to cook and she's not allergic to anything. But maybe within two years she can be able to cook well and she may be allergic.

After taking a bath I walk through my closet when my eyes catch something red stain in the bed sheet. Is this coming from her? I didn't bring any other women to my house. There are so many questions running on my mind. But I should observe first before questioning her or it is just a coincidence.

Somebody knock on the door.

"Adam lunch is served. Let's eat, " she said after knocking.

"Okay sweetheart!" I shouted back.

"You have nothing to doubt her Adam, " I thought before looking at the mirror.

"Here, let me serve you, " she volunteered.

"Such a sweet of you, " I smiled at her.

"So how's your meeting?" she asked while serving me a drink.

"It runs fine and I'm tired I don't get enough sleep this past few days, " I replied as I get the table napkin.

" Eat first before you rest. I know you didn't eat this morning. The next time you wake up please wake me up too so I can help you if there's anything you need and I'm going to cook for you, " she smiled.

I look at her for a minute not believing of what she is saying. The Mirana I know is she hated when she wakes her up early in the morning just to prepare a breakfast, that's why he always cooks her breakfast, launch and dinner. But I just put them away first.

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