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   Chapter 7 RESTRICTED

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 9174

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As I was stepping out of my room I heard a crashed. I ran where the crashed came from.

I saw Mirana picking up the broken glass on the floor, so I ran towards her and held her left hand that it's bleeding.

"A-adam, I'm sorry to just drink water because I just ran out of water. Don't worry I'll replace my n-broken, " he begged.

"Turn on the lights when you're going to get something, " I said as I get the first aid kit near in cabinet.

I lead her to the wooden chair to sit I grab her hand that has been cut by the broken glasses.

She watched Adam as he addressed the cuts on her hand.

"Mirana, why did you leave Adam? She loves you very much. I want to tell him that I am not Mirana that I am Marina her twin sister, but would he believe in me? Or will just accuse me. Every time he looks at me my heart squirm in pain cause all he knows is I'm Mirana his wife his love, " I thought as I look at him.

"Next time you take care of your self."

They both stand up and Marina excuse her self to go in the room that she will be sleeping for the night after she bid her thank you and goodnight to Adam.

Her creamy, porcelain thigh peaks with each step from the silk nighties she's wearing. Her eyes were glistening from the night and her plump red lips looking fuller than usual. It's been two years she's getting even more beautiful.

"Why did you leave me?, " I suddenly asked to her. Cause her to turn around at me and stared at me for a minute.

"Why did you leave me?, " I repeated my question to her as I step forward to her direction. This time I need answers to my questions coming from her mouth not from the gossips I heard. And no matter what her answers will be, I will still accept her because I love her.

She looked away unable to answer my question. I know that there is something that she is hiding from me.

Marina looked away nervously from the stares of Adam. She should just not answer the questions from him she had never been very good at lying unlike to her twin sister Mirana. Mirana has been good at lying to her parents ever since they are still alive. Unlike her, conscience, she still blurted out the truth to her parents that's why Mirana hate her cause their mother and father are very fond of her.

"What will I answer? I leave you Adam because I don't love you anymore? Well done Marina you're a good actress, " she thought to her self.

"No need to answer."

"Just give me what I want, " he added as he keeps walking forward to my direction.



I can't move where I am standing at, it's like his eyes were hypnotizing me not to move and just have to wait him.

Till I blink my eyes and I gasped when his alre

o wet and tight."

He pumps and pumps his fingers unto mine and took his fingers not waiting for my climax. I want to be mad at him when he moved his head down into my opening and licked my juices outside. I didn't even know where to turn my head.

"Your honey is so sweet, " he licks his lips while saying those words then he sucks his fingers that full of my cum. I got turned-on on what he is doing.

Then his mouth traveled to my belly up to my breast and sucks hard my breast and played the other one.

He unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants leaving my mouth hanging. He is massive, I don't even know if it will fit on mine.

"It will still fit, " he stated full of desire into his eyes.

He spread my legs and he positioned himself on top of me.

He started pushing inside me. I bit my lower lip and silently prayed that he will not notice. I felt pain and pleasure. I tasted a blood coming from my lips that I had been bitten.

He feels for me first. And he lowered his lips and kisses me tenderly and the pleasure again started building up. I started moving and he took it as a sign to get started.

I circled my legs into his waist and meet his every thrust.

"A-adam faster, " I begged.


"M-more plea-please."

His tempo increased and his thrust going even deeper, harder and faster. Until I felt his hot liquid poured down at mine. He kissed me gently before he moved out. We were both panting and catching our breath.

My eyes were closing in on my tiredness.Then he suddenly took me to his arms and cuddled me. He kissed my hair down to my ear and whispered.

"Don't leave me again, please. Wonderful night, now sleep."

I smiled then it faded away when I remembered that I am not Mirana. I also prayed that he didn't notice that I am a virgin before closing my eyes.

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