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   Chapter 5 CONFUSE

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 3812

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Apartment 9:00 am

"No, we should have not met, " I said as I slowly closes the door.

"Marina who should you not see?" My aunt asked after embracing me. She looked at me worriedly.

"Adam saw me, " I said nervously.

Auntie Emilia knows everything before I got here. Marina told her everything and after that her aunt get mad. But still her aunt supported her.

I didn't know but my twin sister never showed any concern to me. As soon as I landed here in the Philippines it was like Mirana planned all this way along. But I should be not jumping into conclusions she's my sister.

"What did you do? Did you make any move that will go suspect you?" she asked after giving me a glass of water.

"N-nothing, " I mumbled before gulping. She looked at me unconvinced at my response but she didn't ask anymore.

"You already met him Marina, I hope you're ready for what you've entered, " she said as she cupped my ace and look at me worriedly.

" "I don't know why I agreed I don't even know if I'm ready for it.I can't say no to my twin, " I answered while glancing at the window.

"I'm here Marina, " she said and pulled me into a tight hug.

"Thank you aunt Emilia."

"Marina, I know you'd also like to see Adam am I correct?" she asked as we pulled out into our embrace.

I just nodded on her statement.

Aunt Emilia knows my feelings to Adam since I was kid. I told her everything since our mother and father left us. Aunt Emilia is in our side since were kids she's been our guardian and we treat her like our own mother and she treat us like her own child that's why I loved her.



Meanwhile at the penthouse

"It's her, I know it's her. The way she says my name, the way she looks at me, her touch, her smell but there is something th

at bothering me and I don't know what it is. I'll find her whatever it takes, " I thought reminiscing what happened at the airport.

After I took a bath I dialed Scott. I patiently waited for his answer while I was standing at the glass wall looking at the lights of the city.

"Hello Adam, " answered in the second line.

"I saw her"

"Saw who?" he asked in confusion.

"Mirana, I saw her at the airport"

"Your hallucinating Adam, we both know that Mirana is dead. Please Adam lets get over it, " he angrily stated.

"I'm serious Scott I really do saw her, she even say my name. She's alive, Mirana's alive Scott. I'm not fooling you, I'm telling you the truth, " I stated firmly and clearly at him.

"Okay, Adam I'll only believe you if you have proof."

"You have lot of friends in every agency of airports right? Check if there is Mirana Vaughn Welch that book a flight and arrived here today, that's my proof and I also want to double check if I'm right", I said and I heard him sighed and it looks like I already convinced him.

"Okay I'll do it tomorrow morning but now, I have lot things to do but I'll surely gonna do it tomorrow. I will call you then."

After we talked I take a look at my table and get the picture of me with Mirana.

"Mirana, why are you denying me?"


"Adam, Game of thrones again?"

"Sweetheart are you jealous?" I chuckled as I grip her waist and pulled her closer.

"No! I'm not, " she clung her arms unto my neck and kisses me in the neck leaving me a love bites.

"You're teasing me, Sweetheart, " I growled.

"No! I'm not, " she purred. I kiss her hungrily till she moaned my name.

"Ohhhhh, Adam, " she moaned loudly.

"I love you Mirana, " I stated before kissing her forehead and hug her tightly.

"I love you too Adam, "she replied before giving me a peck in my lips.

"Come back again into my life Mirana."

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