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   Chapter 4 COLLIDED

The Pretender (LOVE AND BETRAYAL SERIES I) By Heitcleff Characters: 4138

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I grimaced in the annoyance of who the fucking calling me at this time.

"What the! it's 3 in the morning and who is the fuck calling in the middle of the night?" I muttered in anger and searched for my phone. I immediately looked at the caller's ID who interrupted my sleep.

"Scott, what do you want?" I annoyingly asked him as I rubbed my forehead.

"Sorry for disturbing your sleep but would you do me a favor?" I tsk I wanted to punch his face and his groin for ruining my sleep.


I sighed deeply before answering. This guy is really trying my patience.

"What is it?" I asked calmly trying to hold my temper.

"Would you fetch my cousin at the airport? I can't fetch him now because I'm kind of a busy man here in my office doing this project that should be yours."

"Okay! What is the specific time and what airport?" I finally agreed.

He told the time of the arrival of his cousin and the place.

Airport 8:00 am

I'm here already at the bench waiting and it's been an hour of waiting. Scott told me that exactly 8 is the arrival of the plane so I patiently waited for an hour.

When suddenly a man appeared in front of me.

"Adam dude!" the man in front of me exclaimed.

"Yes?" I asked arching my right eyebrow.

"It's me Keiro! Remember? Cousin of Scott?" His introduce while pointing his self.

I stood at my seat and punch his shoulder gently. He's already a grown up man. I can't even recognize him.

"Man! What was that for?" he fumed as he hold the part that I punch.

"That's for keep me waiting."

We look at each other's eyes for a minute and burst into a laugh cause to people to turn their heads on us.

"Oh man! You didn't fail again. I always lose, " he whine like a kid. Yep, His appearance changed but was still young enough to think.

"Because I'm good, " I grinned cause him to rolled his eyes.

"No you're not. I can't help myself but to close my gorgeous eyes. Look at you, are you planning to be call by someone a hermit because you really look like one, " he laugh so hard whi

le saying those word.

"Shut up! Get your belongings and don't expect me to help you " I said and turn my heels on him leaving him full of complains.

We were heading out in the place when I suddenly saw a woman in a red dress clutching her bag while crossing our path.My heart pounded fast when I saw her face and I went numb when our eyes meet.

It's her, it is truly her.

I ran towards her. I ignored Keiro who is shouting at me. All I know is her, she came back, she's alive and she's not dead. I didn't bother to excuse in every person I ran. Until I grab her wrist cause her to turn her head to me. I still can't believe that it's her. I swear I am not mistaken.

"Adam, " she softly said but enough for me to hear it.

"You know me?" I asked, looking straight into her eyes. She says my name I heard it clearly coming from her mouth.

"N-no!" she said trying to pull way and to lose his grip.

"You say my name, " I gritted as hold firmly her shoulders.

"I-I dont k-know y-you. Let go of me!, " she shouted and she ran away.

I don't know why I hadn't followed her to feel my own feet as if I had been paralyzed at my place. I just looked at her until she got lost in my sight.

She says my name even though she say it under her breath. I really heard it right she says my name loud and clear.

"Adam! Who are you following?" Keiro suddenly appeared.I almost forget that I was with him.

"Nothing, " I answered still looking at the street where Mirana left.

"Okay? Shall we go? I'm starving and I badly need some rest, jet lag bro, " he said and he looks drowsy.

"Let's go, get your luggage and put them on the car."

"What are you waiting?" he asked before opening the front door of the car.

I really believe it was her, she's alive. But I don't know why she keep on denying that she didn't know me while in fact she says my name. Why did she deny that she didn't know me? I hope that all of my questions will have an answer.

Mirana just come back into my life. I'll forgive whatever you have done. Just come back.

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