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   Chapter 29 Epilogue

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Netra looked at me as if she is going to kill me. The anger of a wife is too dangerous. We can't escape but should bear it silently.

"Get up, " Netra said seriously.

"Netra, please..."

"I said get up, " Netra said firmly.

I got up from her lap, thinking of ways to convince her. But Netra surprised me by hugging me.

"Ne...Netra, " I said as she started crying.

"Mumma, why are you crying?" Kalki asked immediately.

"Dad, did you hurt Mumma?" Abhi said, hitting me.

"Yes, " I said, and both started hitting me.

"Oh my god! Did you both decided to kill me?" I said, trying to escape from their hitting.

"You deserve it. They are doing what I couldn't do, " Netra said, breaking the hug and wiping her tears.

I smiled as I noticed Netra enjoying the cute fight between my children and me.

"Wait, my dear angels. Now you both go and play with the sisters. I know how to make your mom smile, " I said.

They both went out, and I held Netra's wrist, pulling her closer to me.

"You too can hit me until your anger goes off, baby, " I said, making her sit on my lap and hugging her from the back. I kissed her cheek.

Netra rubbed her cheek with the hand.

"I don't want, " Netra said cutely behaving like a kid.

"I am not angry with you. I hate you, " Netra said, trying to go off from my hold.

"Stop it. Is it the way to behave with me? Do you remember with whom you are talking?" I said, seriously raising my voice.

Netra stopped moving and became calm.

"I.., " Netra said.

I turned her towards me.

"For what, baby?" I said, laughing, and Netra started hitting me.

"You made me scared. I thought you are angry with me, " Netra said, hitting me while I laughed a lot.

"What did I do? You are just scared of me even if I raise my tone, " I said.

"I will kill you. You are so mean. How can I bear you lifelong? I thought I shouldn't hit my husband, but you forced me to do that, " Netra said.

I laid back on the bed, and Netra fell over me to beat me.

"Wait a minute. What did you just say?" I asked.

"Nothing, " Netra said.

"Bearing me lifelong and not to hit my husband... Such lovely words to hear from you, " I said.

"So, your anger was gone, and you have accepted me as your husband, right?" I said.

"I still hate you, " Netra said.

"I have no one to love me or hate me. So, I want you to be in my life. I will take anything you give either it's love or hate, " I said, hugging her and trying to kiss her lips.

"No, I didn't accept you yet. Stay away from me, " Netra said.

"Ok, no problem. However, very soon, I will be tasting those lips and also this baby, " I said, and Netra hit me again.

"Can't you talk properly? Pervert, " Netra said.

"Pervert? Me? Okay, yes. I am a pervert but only for my wife. I don't think it's wrong to talk this way with my better half. Moreover, it has been years that I didn't touch any girl, " I said.

"What? Does it mean before years, did you touch any girl?" Netra asked seriously.

How possessive she is!

"Baby, I didn't have an affair. You already know it. Even if you order me to stay away from you, I will obey it. I will stay as a virgin forever but would never imagine another girl in my life except you, " I said.

"That's better, or I won't hesitate to kill you, " Netra said in a warning tone.

"As you said, your highness, " I said dramatically, and Netra kissed my lips. I smiled and responded but gave her the chance to dominate the kiss. Slowly she deepened the kiss but all of a sudden she started crying.

"Netra, what happened to you?" I said.

"I never thought that I would get a chance where I can be your wife, and we are staying together with our children, " Netra said, hugging

e are no words to explain the happiness of Kalki and Abhi.

I have submitted the call records and proofs to the media about the bomb blast. As per my plan, the real culprits went behind bars, and the case is going on.

Netra came to me with coffee while I was playing with my kids after a long day of meetings.

"Coffee, " Netra said.

"Thank you. Join us. Maids will complete the cooking. You too might have got tired with many works from the morning, " I said.

"I want to talk to you, Akshay, " Netra said.

"Is anything important?" I asked her.

Netra nodded.

"What happened to you? Is anything wrong with the company or any issue with your health?" I asked worriedly.

"No, I am fine. Nothing happens to me until you are with me, " Netra said.

"Then, is it about our kids?"

"No, " Netra said.

"If it's not related to you and our children, it's not that important to me. So come, let's play with our kids, " I said.

"It's about Jeevith, " Netra said, and I glared at her.

"I mean...Actually..., " Netra stammered to say.

"He is not important to me, " I said.

"Akshay, please listen to me, " Netra said.


"His company went into bankruptcy. I know you were behind it. I am not asking you to help him. Just leave him. We are happy now and let him do whatever he wants. Don't suffer him more, " Netra said.

I can't tolerate anyone hurting Netra with their words. But I too think it's time to stop all this.

"Okay, don't worry. I will not interfere anymore, " I said.

"Thank you, " Netra said and joined us.

"How come the matter about Jeevith is important to you? Tonight I will let you know who is important to you, " I whispered in Netra's ears, and her face turned crimson red.

"I will kill you, idiot, " Netra said.

I smiled and hugged her from the side. Facing the hell, never lessened her courage. She is fantastic, and her never give up attitude shows what she is.

Life is never easy. If it's easy, there would be no thrill in achieving success and happiness. Life is always worth fighting it, to receive the blessings which it had planned to offer us as a reward for our fighting spirit. All we need is a ton of patience and a bit of courage.

I glanced at my love and kids who were playing and laughing happily. I will never let that happiness fade from my family. I promised myself. I love my family and will do anything for them.

Hi friends, please let me know your views on my story through comments. Thank you. Love you all.

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