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   Chapter 27 Responsibility of Every Citizen

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After sharing my past with the media, I felt relaxed as I never liked to hide my identity from the public. Today everything was cleared, and I am free from the tension that what others would think of me if they come to know my past.

The reporters started murmuring among themselves. I care the least about their talk or comments.

"Madam, may I know who is your ex-husband?" one of the reporters asked me.

"Madam, do you choose Akshay sir as he saved you?" someone asked me again.

"Madam, if you both are in love, why did you marry Jeevith, sir?"

My patience was dead with their bullshit questions. I have explained to them what a girl faced due to child marriage and how she was forced into prostitution. They didn't care for it but was interested only to know who I love and my marriage.

"Enough!" I yelled at them.

"Who do I love or who was my ex-husband are essential things to the public, right? I just don't understand how these details would help the common people. Can you please let me know how it would be useful to anyone, or what do they gain from this?" I asked, and they didn't reply.

"No use, right? Then why do you want to know about my personal life?" I shouted at them.

"I came here not to answer your useless questions but to tell you what I want citizens to know.

I faced the most horrible situations when I was in that prostitution house. Akshay rescued me, but still, many Netras were struggling in this women trafficking where they were forced into sex work sooner or later. Their flesh was used as a commodity without valuing their feelings. It should be stopped.

Instead of focusing on the affairs of celebrities and their life, start focusing on the issues that matter and helps many in society. Protecting girls is not just the responsibility of the government or the police department. It's the responsibility of every individual.

India is still a developing country in terms of economy but has been ranked the top in rape and sex racket. Why? The society which sees a prostitute without respect would honor the one who is behind this sex racket and who use minor girls for their lustful desires. Is this what we do as humans?

Remember, a prostitute is also a scapegoat whose life was smashed for the greed and lust of many people. They were lacerated, both physically and mentally, as a part of their work. Don't torture them further with your abusing words and hurtful behavior. If possible, lend them a helping hand or sit in your comfort zone, shutting your mouth but don't increase their pain. If their family and this society did no

room of those men who were waiting to use my body for their pleasure without my consent, " I said, wiping off my tears.

"Netra, please don't compare me with them. I tried to reconcile you with your husband, " Akshay said.

"Against my wish, " I said.

"No one needs my consent. Anyone can come into my life and go as they wish. Order me whatever they want me to do and say whatever they want to say. How could you think that I can accept Jeevith, who accused my character several times? A girl could tolerate anything but not blame on her character. He might not be a direct reason but was an indirect reason for the damage to my life. My heart can never accept him, forgetting the pain.

I respect you, Akshay, but now I don't love you. I am leaving. Bye."

I took my luggage, but Akshay held my hand.

"Leave my hand, Akshay. You have no right to touch me, " I said, remembering him hesitating to touch me and standing idle when I hugged him as I got married to Jeevith. I hate you, Akshay. I would never forgive you.

Akshay left my hand.

"Netra, please don't leave me. Atleast think about our children, " Akshay said.

"Our children have the greatest father in the world who would take good care of them, and mother is not that necessary, " I said.

"How could you say that? Children always need their mother, " Akshay said, trying his best to stop me.

"It was you who ordered me not to visit our children, and you would take care of them. Did you forget that?" I said.

"I am sorry, Netra, " Akshay said.

"I have absolutely no time for nonsense, and emotional blackmails because Netra is emotionless and feeling less, " I said and left him starting my journey towards my destiny, which my heart desired.

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