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   Chapter 26 I Love Netra

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I asked Akshay to go out to take a rest. He went out, and I cried, breaking down at once.

I hate you, Akshay. You can never understand my feelings. Until now, you forced me to accept Jeevith just because I have married him. Now you made me divorce Jeevith as someone tried to blame me. When would you understand what my heart wants? Doesn't I have a right to choose a life partner? Until now, I thought only you could understand me, but now I hate you the most.

I cried a lot and then wiped off my tears and washed the face. I went to have lunch and pretended as if these incidents do not affect me. I observed Akshay's gaze at me with admiration and love.

I snapped my fingers at Akshay to make him angry because I know he is egoistic. However, he did not react in the way I expected and was calm and cool.

We went together to the press conference. The place was full of reporters. I know how excited people would be about the lives of others.

"Sir, is it true that your wife Netra was a prostitute and you both had an affair? As it was leaked on the internet, you both got married immediately, right?" a reporter asked, and Akshay smiled.

"Hello, everyone. Take a breath for a second, keeping your excitement and questions aside. Netra and I came here to clear all your doubts, " Akshay said as usual in his sarcastic style.

Akshay looked at me for a while and then continued his talk. I could guess his words because Akshay never gets scared of speaking the truth out and escapes from the situation.

"Yes, my wife was a prostitute. We don't have an affair, but we always shared a great bonding and relationship. We call it friendship, and you are free to name it anyway because we bother the least about the opinion of others.

I married Netra because I love her. I want to be with her holding her hand in every situation, to give her confidence that I am there for her forever.

I am there for her doesn't mean I will make her a dependent on me. It doesn't mean I will clear her every problem. I wouldn't create a comfort zone for her by throwing away all the challenges from her way.

I mean, I would be there for her to lean on my shoulder when she wants to cry, letting out all the pain she hid in her

didn't even understand what they were talking about. Meanwhile, she was slapped by her husband, who never had a single conversation with her until then or tried to ease her pain, blamed her character. Later, her mother in law threw her out of the house and was sold by her father to a prostitution house.

She was forced into prostitution, and her body was used as if it was their possession but not a human. Every second she was tortured by lustful high profile people by using her sexually and giving steroids to her to make her look like an adult and impress the customers there. Customers used to harass her in many ways, such as burning her private parts with the cigarette, hitting her, sometimes using a knife or sharp objects to make her scream as it turns them on, etc. For almost seven years, she bore everything.

Then her best friend met her, who is her savior forever. He rescued her from a fire accident in the prostitutes' house and gave her a new face and future. He changed her life forever. He made that little girl or a prostitute as the Netra- a successful young entrepreneur in India, " I said.

"And that friend who took a risk where he may even lose his life is Akshay."

I ended the story. I didn't tell the reporters that the little girl's husband was Jeevith. Jeevith never stood by my side when I needed him the most, either in the past or present. I closed my eyes, shedding silent tears, and was embraced by my savior Akshay into his arms to soothe the pain.

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