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   Chapter 24 Akshay Never Go Wrong

HER BROKEN HEART By Shakti5555 Characters: 5811

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"Akshay, please stop all this. Those people trust you a lot. Don't play with their lives, " I said.

"We can play only when they trust me, " Akshay said.

"I will bring dinner for us, " Akshay said.

"I don't want anything. I can't stay with a person like you. I will leave, " I said.

I can't ask Akshay to leave my house because I respect him a lot. He sacrificed his life for me.

"To where? To Jeevith?" Akshay asked.

"No! To somewhere where I feel peaceful, " I said.

"To the Home which you have found, right?"

"Yes, " I replied.

"Akshay, please tell me the truth. Though I heard the conversation and my mind forces me to accept it, my heart still denies believing that my friend is the one who kills innocent people for his selfishness. I just can't agree with it. I know about you, " I said, crying and sitting on the bed.

"This is why I love you, Netra. I don't know whether you love me or not, but your trust in me never fails, " Akshay said.

"I just hate this politics and stupidity of people who trust everything.

This bomb blast is pre-planned. They planned the blasting, and now they are trying to capture someone from that area to encounter accusing him as the mastermind behind this blasting.

I thought of a plan to backfire their idea. To save the person from the encounter and put the truth before the people, I got involved in their plan. Only then they trust me and share their plan of action, " Akshay said.

"What if they come to know the truth?"

"Simple, I will be one among those victims who were dead for their greed for power, " Akshay said.

"Stop it, Akshay! Never speak this way, even for fun. I am nothing without you and can never imagine me without you, " I sai

ng somewhere. Otherwise, Akshay would never do this. But am I marrying Akshay again? I can't even think of it. Why did Akshay say all this?

I was thinking, and the door was unlocked. Akshay came inside and sat beside me on the bed.

"Netra, do you trust me?" Akshay asked.

"Akshay, what is this....."

"Just tell me, do you trust me?"

I looked deep into his eyes, where I found a kind of tension and fear. I never saw Akshay getting tense or frightening for anything until now. His face is pale and dull. I didn't understand what to do.

"I trust you, " I said.

"Do you trust me to do anything I say without asking me a single question?"

"Akshay, " I said.

"Tell me yes or no, " Akshay said in a firm tone.

I understood that there's something dangerous about which Akshay is hiding from me. My life is nothing but a gift of Akshay. I would have been dead by now if Akshay was not with me. I took the decision. I didn't know whether I am right or wrong, but I know Akshay never goes wrong.

"I trust you completely, Akshay, " I said.

"We are going to get married tomorrow. Get ready for it without any questions, " Akshay said.

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