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   Chapter 22 Netra - A Complicated Character

HER BROKEN HEART By Shakti5555 Characters: 5981

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I didn't speak anything, and Akshay used all his tactics to cool me. I didn't care for his over action.

I found Akshay preparing my favorite food for dinner. I ordered food from the outside. My meal was delivered, and I had it calmly. Of course, Akshay noticed it, but he didn't say anything to me.

After a few minutes, I found Akshay in tension. He got calls continuously.

"What the hell? How does it happen?" Akshay snarled.

"I won't spare any of you if anything happens to them, " Akshay said.

"No!" Akshay shouted and threw his mobile away.

I went to him.

"Akshay, what's wrong?" I asked him.

"Bomb blast took place in my place, " Akshay said.

"Your place?"

"That area for whom I am working, " Akshay said.

"Oh, my God! How does it happen? Is everyone safe?" I asked though I cam expect the loss of lives in a bomb blast.

"Many were dead and injured, " Akshay said with tears in his eyes.

I hugged Akshay.

"I am sorry, please cool down, " I said.

"Come, let's visit them, " I said.

"No, Netra. I can't dare to see them in this situation, " Akshay said.

I tried to console him, and Akshay slept, keeping his head on my lap, sitting on the sofa. I caressed his hairs to help him to come out of his pain.

In the morning, Akshay made up his mind to visit the victims.

"I will accompany you, " I said.

"No, Netra! The media will cover everything. I don't want you to be blamed again unnecessarily, " Akshay said.

"Akshay, gossips, and rumors are not new to me. And this is the time where you need someone beside you. I know what I should do, and yesterday you promised me that you would never force me to go against my decision, " I said, holding his hands.

Akshay nodded. We went to the spot and then to the hospital.

ou hide everything from me? Bhabhi told everything to me. Withdrawing case against my brother, helping me in business, taking care of bhabhi's health and clearing their misunderstandings, etc. Why did you hide all these from me?

You will file the case and behaves as if your revenge is important to you. But, you will withdraw the case for my family. You will file the tender and shows off to everyone as if the business is crucial to you than a relationship, but you will do anything to get that tender for my company. You will help me to get the bank loan but will refuse to give the surety when I ask for your help. You will talk as if you hate my sister in law, but you will be with her when she tried to attempt suicide.

Netra, I am so sorry. I didn't understand you well. I thought you are rude to me as you love Akshay. But now I realized you love everyone. Your love is different. You are different. As a sister, wife, friend, mother, employer, and human, you do everything for everyone.

I don't know why you choose to be alone, but I am sure it's not because of my words. Tell me the truth, Netra. What forced you to leave our house and be rude to Akshay?" Jeevith asked me.

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