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   Chapter 19 Netra's Decision

HER BROKEN HEART By Shakti5555 Characters: 5924

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A month had been passed, and Gradually I understood that Jeevith is not that bad and I need to give a chance to this marriage. Marriage is not a thing that can be broken so easily. It is something beyond everything. If Jeevith is a rude or wrong person, I can choose Akshay over him. But here Jeevith is a good person. How can I break the marriage that easily? I decided to value the marriage.

I returned home sooner as my work was completed earlier today. I waited for Jeevith, but he didn't turn up though it's late. He came to the home at midnight. I opened the door with a smile, but he looked at me seriously.

What happened to this person suddenly? I just can't understand him.

"Do you need coffee or something?" I asked.

Jeevith didn't reply and went to his room.

This is too much. Can't Jeevith reply to me? I don't like such kind of behaviour.

I left the room and closed the door. I lay on the bed to sleep but remembered Jeevith's caring gestures when I was late to home after a busy day.

He might be tired with work or mood out because of any work tension. I should atleast ask him to have dinner.

I went to him and knocked on the door.

"Yes!" Jeevith said.

"Shall I come in, " I asked.

"Yes, " Jeevith said.

I went inside the room. I looked around, and his place is a mess. Just then I realised that I have never entered into his room until today. I have never even cleaned his room, and I didn't know that he too didn't care for his room.

"Dinner, " I said.

"I am tired. Let me take rest, " Jeevith said.

I was about to go, but he called me.

"Did you have dinner?"

"No, actually I thought to have it with you, " I said.

Jeevith didn't speak anything, and I left to my room. After some time, I heard th

told me that she didn't want to live with your family killing her dreams. She wanted the freedom to pursue her dream career. Akshay helped her for that."

"Why didn't she say this to me?" Jeevith asked me.

"Because she has no trust in you as you were a mom's boy and nods for her every word even if it is to make your wife sleep with a guy for money, " I said.

"Netra!" Jeevith shouted at me.

"Please stop it, Netra, " Jeevith said.

"Truth is always a bitter pill to digest, " I said.

Jeevith came near to me. I looked another side as I couldn't predict his move.

"I love you, " Jeevith said, hugging me.

"Pour out all the tears you have stored for years. Vent out all the anger which you are bearing for a long time. Invite the peace for which you are longing all this time, " Jeevith said.

I cried harder and started beating him. Jeevith didn't stop me and bore it until I stopped hitting him. Then he hugged me tightly to ease my pain.

"I hate you. I hate you. Where were you when I needed you the most? Why didn't you support me at that time? Why did you leave me to my fate? Why?" I asked between my sobs and Jeevith embraced me more into his hug.

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