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   Chapter 15 Netra Accepts Jeevith

HER BROKEN HEART By Shakti5555 Characters: 5794

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Within a week, I got recovered from fever. Akshay didn't call me at least once after that day. Jeevith kept all his works aside and treated me as if I am his only priority in life. Though I didn't speak much to him, still he cared for me.

I remembered Akshay telling that he wants to say something about Jeevith. I got ready and about to go.

"Coffee!" Jeevith said, stopping me.

"Thank you!" I said.

"I know you don't like to say where you are going, and I can understand where you will be going as soon as you recovered. Just have your breakfast and go, " Jeevith said, looking into my eyes.

His look made me feel a bit of guilty. I know I am his wife and my heart wants to see Akshay as soon as I felt better. I stayed calm and finished breakfast.

"Can you go alone? You had been sick for a week. If you want, I will drop you, " Jeevith said.

I nodded. Jeevith dropped me at Akshay's house. Before I bid bye, Jeevith left from there in the car. I went inside, and the watchman stopped me.

"What?" I asked with irritation.

"Madam, Akshay sir is not here, " the watchman replied.

"Today it's Monday and Akshay will not go anywhere on every Monday. Move aside, " I said.


"I said move. Before I fire you and help you not to get a job anywhere, let me go inside, " I warned the guard, showing my forefinger.

The watchman moved aside.

"Akshay!" I called going inside.

"Madam, sir is in the meeting, " Akshay's bodyguard stopped me from opening the door of Akshay's room.

"What happened to all of you? Why are you behaving so strange? Did Akshay asked you to stop me from meeting him?" I asked the guard.

He didn't answer and looked down. I opened the door of Akshay's room

his is my order, " Akshay said firmly.

"Okay! But allow me to see them at least once, " I said.

"No! You will not meet them or me from now. From now, only Jeevith has a place in your life and heart. Go and be a good wife to him. That's it, " Akshay said.

"Why are you doing this to me, Akshay? You know what? I love..."

"Shut up! Now you can leave, " Akshay said

"Akshay!" I said, trying to understand the reason behind his decision.

"Leave right now!" Akshay said.

I left the place and reached my home. I looked at the photos where I am with children and Akshay. Jeevith returned home in the evening.

"Jeevith, I want to tell you one thing, " I said.

"Tell me, Netra!" Jeevith said.

"I am ready to come to your house as your wife, " I said.

"What? Really? Do you accept me as your husband?" Jeevith asked excitedly.

I nodded, remembering Akshay's words.

"Thank you, Netra. Thank you so much. I am very happy to know this. I love you so much. I know that you will accept me one day, but I never expected that this day would come this soon, " Jeevith said, holding both my hands and kissing the palm of my both hands.

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