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   Chapter 10 Sweet Family

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I went to the place where my children are studying.

"Mom!" Kalki hugged me.

"Mom, where is dad?" Abhaya asked me being a daddy's baby.

I hugged both and kissed on their cheeks.

"Your dad has some important meetings. So, he couldn't show up this time. But, next week he will be here for sure, " I said.

"Mom, are those meetings that important than us?" Kalki asked me.

"Kalki, you are a smart boy, right? You should understand your dad. You shouldn't trouble him, " I said.

"No, we will call dad, " Abhaya said and called him.

"Hello, Akshay here!" Akshay said in his rude tone.

"Dad, why didn't you come here?" Abhaya asked.

"Abhi, my baby! Sorry sweety, dad has a meeting. I am really sorry. I sent sorry gifts with mumma, " Akshay said.

"No, dad! We don't want anything. Every day we see our friends with their parents, but you both are never with us. Do you know, how sad we feel remembering you both? At least on the weekend, we expected you both. I think we are less important to you both than your works, " Kalki said.

I felt bad listening to their words. Akshay is not their father, and I don't like them disturbing him. They are my responsibility and not his responsibility. I took the mobile from them and switched off the speaker mode.

"Akshay, I am sorry. Carry on with your work. They are just too naughty these days. I will convince them, " I said.

"Switch on the speaker, Netra, " Akshay said.

I did as he said.

"My dear Kalki and Abhi, nothing is important to your dad than your mom and you both. I am coming there within one hour, " Akshay said, surprising me.

"But Akshay, what about your meetings?" I asked him.

"They are not that important than the happiness of my children, " Akshay said, and I wiped my tears which appeared without my consent listening to his words.

Akshay came as he promised them.

"Daddy!" Both went and hugged him. Akshay kissed them and came to me with them.

He gave chocolate boxes to them. The trio started their chit-chatting, and I went to prepare the food. While making the food, I enquired the caretaker about my children. After lunch, in

the children, " I yelled at Akshay.

"Who decided the way to raise the children to say I am wrong? This is my way to raise my children, and I don't want any interference in it, " Akshay said.

"But, they are my children and not your children, " I said in anger.

"Netra!" Akshay shouted, raising his hand at me for the first time in life. His face turned cold and fierce. I was shocked to see Akshay like that. He dropped his hand.

"I am sorry, Netra. Please, don't cry. I didn't mean to do that, " Akshay said, seeing me in tears. He wiped away my tears and kissed my forehead.

"Never say that they are not my children. They are forever Akshay's children whether you agree to it or not, " Akshay said, and I nodded holding his hands as I didn't understand what to say.

"Abhi, what should we do if it's our mistake?" Akshay said.

"We should accept their wrath and stay calm, " Abhi said.

Great! I can never understand this Akshay.

Akshay gave a new life to me and his name as a father to my children. A true friend who sacrificed his entire life for my children and me though he knows he would get nothing from me in return. Without Akshay, Netra is nothing but an ordinary girl who was fed up with life and decided to give up on it. This courage, intelligence, and what I am today is because of Akshay. I can never thank him enough in my life. I thanked God several times for giving a friend like Akshay to me.

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