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   Chapter 6 Netra - A girl full of inspiration

HER BROKEN HEART By Shakti5555 Characters: 6346

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Netra collapsed in my hands. I was dumbstruck with this unexpected consequence. I rushed her to the hospital. Netra was taken into the Operation Theatre to remove the bullets from her body. I sat on the chair there as I am unable to digest this incident.

Netra, why were you so stubborn? I warned you, but you didn't care, and now you left me in this grief.

Netra is the first girl I loved. I don't know when I fell for her and how I loved her. But, her every statement, anger, counters she gave to me, and her pretention to be rude increased my love for her. I know she has no feelings for me. She hates this marriage and wants to leave me. Still, I love her.

The doctor came from the operation theatre.

"Doctor, how is Netra?"

"Her condition is very critical. We removed the bullets from her body, and we did everything to save her. But, she is not responding to the treatment. She decided to die. She doesn't want to live. If this is the condition, we can't save her. Give her a reason to live, " the doctor said.

What should I do now? How to make her respond to the treatment? I am sure my love or words cannot bring her back to life. I know very little about her. God, help me. I don't want to lose my wife. Save her! I prayed to God to give her a reason to live.

"Sir, many girls visited the hospital. They want to see Netra madam. They want to know madam's health condition. The security of the hospital is unable to stop them. This is a hospital, and there are many patients here. If they come inside the hospital, it will be a problem. Sir, please talk to them, " the doctor said.

"Okay!" I said, and went outside. I was shocked to see the girls there. The entire premises of the hospital were filled with girls and women.

"Sir, how is Netra madam?" A girl asked me.

"She is recovering. May I know who are you all?"

"Sir, we are from the Shining Star


I wondered, listening to her words. As soon as she opened her eyes, she is worried about those girls and the Home but not about her life, me, or business. Unique girl!

"Help? Are you asking me to help you? It will cost you, " I said to tease her.

"Yes! I need your help. I agree for anything, go and save them, " She said.

"Will you be my wife, if I rescue them?" I asked again.

"You are an idiot, " Netra said, scolding me even in this condition.

"Will you agree to my condition or not?"

Netra thought for a minute and then held her head.

Oh, God! I guess Netra got a headache.

"I am sorry, Netra. They are safe. Nothing happened to them. It's a trick to bring this hot-headed girl back to life. Don't get strain, " I said to relax her.

"This is my trick to make you confess the truth. This is Netra!" Netra said, throwing her remarkable smile at me.

Netra is back!

"Thank God! My wife is back!"

"No! I am not your wife, " Netra said.

"We have a lot of time to argue as you are back. Now take a rest, darling, " I said, and she threw daggers at me with her looks. God, now save me from this girl who doesn't know anything about love. Please let her heart melt a bit for me so that I can make a place for me in her heart.

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