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   Chapter 5 Assault on Netra

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I reread the news 50th time by now and laughed hard.


Unnecessarily that reporter has crossed my path. I cursed him under my breath and thought to get ready for the office. But, the disturbance of my life, aka husband, entered my paradise of peace.

Jeevith threw the newspaper on the table.

"Are you crazy, Netra? Why do you do such childish things? Be a bit mature, " Jeevith said.

I got shocked by his words. Jeevith did three things, which I hate the most. He scolded me, saying I am crazy. He made fun of my brilliant idea as a childish act. He suggested me to be mature. I hate suggestions. How dare is he!

"Enough! Just shut up! What would be the mature act, according to you? To stay calm? Or to organise a press meet and giving an unnecessary explanation?"

"Netra, I didn't ask you to be calm or give an unnecessary explanation to anyone. What I meant is you should have come up with some other plan. Your anger is not the right way to deal with every person or every problem, " Jeevith said as if he is explaining to a kid.

Idiot! What does he think of me? I am Netra, not a kid.

"I don't want your bloody suggestions. Get lost from my house!" I said, but it didn't sound as rude as before.

God! Why am I getting affected by this person's words? Am I melting for his sweetness?

"Netra, please understand! You have created a huge problem. Vikranth is not a good person. What if he does something unthinkable to you? You should be careful. I will arrange the security for you. Please don't go alone anywhere, " Jeevith said.

"Mr. Jeevith, if something happens to me, it's completely my concern. I don't require any security. I am not scared of every useless person as you do. Thank you so much for your care, but I don't want it. Now I am leaving to get ready for my office, " I said and went to my room.

I got ready in a simple red coloured cotton dress. I combed my hair and left it loose. I don't like putting makeup, so I never use it. I applied a cream to my face and moisturizer to my hands. I kept hangings of red coloured stones and a golden color watch to my wrist. That's it; I am ready to go to my office. When I came downstairs, I didn't find Jeevith there.

Thank God! I think he left my place.

I went to my office and started my work. I checked the designs proposed by fashion designers to release in the market through my company. I approved a few models and rejected the conventional ones. I ordered the fashion designers to use the best quality fabric for the designs which I have passed.

Serena came to my cabin during my lunchtime. She looked worried.

"What happened to you, Serena? What's bothering you?" I asked her.

"Madam, that guy Vikranth is extremely dangerous. I think you need security. Please permit me to call the agency to arrange the security for you, " Serena said.

"Stop it, Serena! Don't overthink about minor issues. Take it easy, " I said.

"Take it easy? Should we take your life easy, Netra?" Jeevith said.

Again this Jeevith came to me. God, why can't he leave me in peace?

"Serena, I want to talk personally with my wife, " Jeevith said.

Serena left my cabin.

"Look, Netra, don't force me to show my anger at you. Till now, you didn't see my anger. I appointed the security for you. Don't go anywhere without them, " Jeevith ordered me.

"Are you ordering me, Jeevith?" I asked him in a loud tone.

"Yes! If I think it's necessary for your safety, I definitely don't mind to order you though I don't like it because you are my wife, " Jeevith said, holding my arm and pulling me towards him.

I slapped Jeevith losing my temper. How could I tell him that my life was already spoiled, and he is the reason behind it?

"How dare you to talk this way to me? Look, Mr. Jeevith; this is the reason I hate marriage. Men like you always treat the wife as a slave and want his wife to obey him. They feel powerful when they dominate her. People like you get married only to show your power over women without knowing the true meaning of the marriage.

Marriage is not to dominate, order, or command. Marriage is an invisible knot between two hearts and souls, keeping them together forever. But, it happens only when a couple has mutual love, understandi

ng, respect, support, and trust.

I hope that the court would sanction our divorce sooner. I don't want to see your face anymore. Just stop interfering in my life and trying to take the role of a husband without my consent. You don't even know how a husband should be. Of course, I can't blame you because this is what the bloody society taught you, " I said, venting my anger at him.

Jeevith listened to everything I said and smiled at me.

"I love you, Netra. I know how a husband should be, and of course, saving his wife is his first responsibility. Whether you accept it or not, you are my wife, and I will protect you. One day, I will change your opinion about men. Every man is not the same. Atleast I am not the one of that type, " Jeevith said.

"Stop it, Jeevith. You can't love me because you know nothing about me, " I said.

"The little things which I know about you are more than enough for me to love you, Netra, " Jeevith said.

"Of course, this money, status, and power are enough to make anyone say I love you to me, " I said.

"Of course, this anger, self-respect, self-dependence, confidence, and especially being what you are in all circumstances without compromising your true self for fame, love, or money is enough to make a man like me fall for you.

I always hated a woman who sacrifices and obeys every word of the husband, leaving her self respect and changing herself. However, you are different and matched my thoughts. I always respect the woman who are of your type. I know you can't believe my words at once, but I am sure one day you will trust me, " Jeevith said.

"I won't irritate you much. I am leaving, for now, take care, " Jeevith said.

"Take your so-called security with you, " I said.

However, he left, leaving his so-called security in my office, ordering them to take care of his wife. I want to kill him. Why is Jeevith mentioning me as his wife all the time? He is not my husband. I hate this marriage, and this husband, who tries to force me to accept him as my husband.

At 10 pm, I started in my car to my home. I asked his security to follow me in another vehicle. I diverted my vehicle to another route when a signal came on the way to escape from the security. After reaching a distance, a car stopped in front of my car, making me stop. Before I could realize what's happening, someone dragged me out of my car.

I saw the reporter Vikranth with his paid men.

"Wow! Just to kill me, you hired twenty men. Not bad!" I said.

The next second, I kicked his men and punched them. I fought with them for fifteen minutes and found Jeevith too fighting with them. When did he come and how? We fought with almost everyone making them fall to the ground. Suddenly while fighting with another one, someone hit me on the head with a rod from behind.

"Netra!" I heard the shouting of Jeevith.

I punched that idiot turning back, and another one stabbed me with a knife from my back, and Vikranth shot two bullets into my chest. I heard the sound of the police van, and they all left from there. Jeevith rushed to me and held me before I fell to the ground.

I looked into his eyes and saw a few teardrops coming out from his eyes. Tears for me? Does he love me?

However, I am happy to embrace death because I am waiting for it for a long time, but I didn't suicide as I hate leaving a cowardly example to the people who are inspired by my life. I closed my eyes to bid bye to this world full of cunning people where trust and love are a myth.

"Netra, open your eyes. Please don't lose the consciousness, " Jeevith said.

"Bye!" I mumbled before I lose consciousness. Finally, the end of my struggle with my life. Maybe God wants to give me the rest from all this battle and tears I shed in my life. This is the happiest day of my life. All the scenes appeared in my mind from my childhood to today. I won life. I earned fame, money, influence, recognition, and finally, love. It's the perfect time to go away from this world.

I felt hard to breathe. Darkness completely consumed me. Bye to this fake world. Bye forever! Thank you, God, for showing mercy at me. Thank you for everything you gave to me with love, including the challenges and troubles which made this Netra solid and successful.

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